It seems that I’m going on a sago craze lately haha. After making my honeydew sago dessert, I saw the dessert for Kuih Sago on the internet. Most of them were steamed Kuih Sago like the one found here on Poor Student | Food Geek and I just found a recipe very similar to mine on My Sugar and Spice.

As always, I usually cook without a recipe. And this round is no exception. I only knew that I wanted 3 key ingredients in my recipe – Sago, Santan and Gula Melaka. I had to think of a binding agent and I only thought of gelatin powder. I could have used agar-agar powder or jelly powder but I had neither at hand so I made do with what I had at hand.

Firstly, I used 1 piece of Gula Melaka. Because Gula Melaka comes in a cylindrical shape so I used one whole ‘cylinder’ so to speak.

I chose to chop up the Gula Melaka so it melts better but you could just break them into chunks.

I love the golden hue of Gula Melaka and how yummy my fingers tasted after I was done chopping them up hehe.

Next, I cooked 1 1/2 packets of sago. Like I mentioned in my last post, sago burns VERY EASILY. I should add that it burns EVEN EASIER in BIG BATCHES. I burned the sago TWICE in this round of cooking T_T

I had to sieve out the uncooked sago, wash them and transfer them to a pot of clean water to continue cooking… TWICE! I’ll consider cooking them in 2 batches to avoid this problem or cooking them in the microwave. Cooking them in the microwave is an option too! Just put them in a covered, microwave-safe container with 2x the amount of water compared to the amount of sago and microwave them until they’re fully cooked.

Then it was cooking the Gula Melaka with the santan and gelatin powder.

I used 3/4 of the 500ml santan, 3 teaspoons of gelatin powder and a few pandan leaves.

I first let the santan and the Gula Melaka simmer with the pandan leaves till the Gula Melaka is completely dissolved. Also, I mixed the gelatin powder with enough room-temperature water so that it would dissolve. Mixing gelatin powder with hot water would make it lumpy. After the santan and Gula Melaka mixture simmers, mix in the gelatin powder mixture and let it simmer for another 1 minute.

After that, was mixing the sago into the santan-Gula Melaka-gelatin mixture (remember to take out the pandan leaves before doing this) and pouring it into a mold.

I know, the color doesn’t look very appetizing but my house smelled really nice at this point haha.

Here’s an up-close photo.

After that, it was left in the fridge to cool overnight.

In the morning, when my mum was cutting the kuih, it had completely set but it didn’t hold well. Not to mention, it wasn’t sweet nor fragrant enough. My dad was the worse critic who said it was tasteless!

I guess this is what happens when you cook without a recipe eheh. Despite all that, only half is left of the original amount and it was cut to serve only this morning :P I will definitely perfect this kuih! More santan, more Gula Melaka, a better binding agent and less burnt sago.

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