The Smokehouse ~ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru

Finally an official first post =D

Hello all, I’m Audrey, also known as Mika to some.

Welcome to Deliciouslogy!

This blog will know function as my food blog and my livejournal will now be sealed off and function solely as my personal journal. Ezel is supposed to be my partner-in-crime. As for when… I’m not sure lol.

And for the first review… The Smokehouse.

The reason for our visit was to celebrate Teri’s birthday. We have gone there once beforehand as photographers for a photoshoot. I wouldn’t promote The Smokehouse as a photoshoot area as it is first and foremost a restaurant.

Smokehouse’s Official Website

You can see from the photos that it has a dim-lit, romantic atmosphere. There’s yellow lighting everywhere and a fake fireplace on each floor plus soft, plush sofas for you to laze around in with a good book in hand and a nice cup of tea. There’s also a bar downstairs with a wide selection of cocktails and most importantly they serve Hoegaarden beer which Ezel and Ying Ling were eyeing.

Smokehouse’s Facebook page

Most of us had Thai food. The Smokehouse offers 2 cuisines – Thai and Western.

Firstly, appetizers.

I have no photos of them because they were gobbled up almost immediately by the hungry people. Teri had Caesar Salad with Roast Chicken and Egg ~ RM12. You can choose to either have it with roast chicken and egg or with beef bacon. Ying Ling had Tom Yam Pla Chon ~ RM12 which is basically a clear tom yam soup with fish. Don’t judge the flavor of the soup based on the color. The soup was clear but my gosh, the soup was fantastic! It had a strong lemongrass taste so there wasn’t a single whiff of fishy seafood smell!

Kao Kluk Kao Pi ~ RM15
Teri’s and m’s rice dish. The first one on the menu. We ate this the last time. The fried rice was fragrant and the combination of ingredients were good. You can choose to have it spicy or non-spicy.

Ying Ling had pineapple fried rice, Kao Oob Sub Prarod ~ RM15 but the photo came out extremely blur so I’ll leave that for another time.

Gaeng Ped Pol Lychee ~ RM20
Ezel had red curry roasted duck. The curry was really fragrant. The spices used made it taste very authentic. Do take note that these dishes don’t come with rice. Rice is priced separately at RM0.80 per plate.

Plain rice ~ RM0.80 per portion
Big plate, small portion.

Gaeng Kaew Wan ~ RM18
Mine was chicken green curry. The sweetness was just nice and the portion was big. Again, it was very fragrant. The coconut milk is added in just before serving so it doesn’t overboil in the curry. I really, really liked it. Best green curry I’ve tasted in a long while.

Moving on to the western section, Yuhi and Sarah had the chicken and mushroom pie.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie ~ RM28
The crust puffed up very nicely, look at how pretty it is~ It’s served with some vegetables on the side which is a nice balance to the filling pie. They did complain that it was very hot so do wait for awhile before you launch yourself at this delicious looking thing. Both of them went home with burnt tongues that night.

And finally desserts!

Tab Tim Krob ~ RM12
I would never miss the opportunity to eat this at any place that serve this dessert and guess what? Smokehouse’s is the best! It’s waterchestnuts with jackfruit in coconut milk and shaved ice. Smokehouse’s has coconut topped on. Plus point there!

Bread & Butter Pudding ~ RM12
Ying Ling had this. You have a choice of having it with cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce or custard. The pudding layer was silky smooth and it went very well with the ice cream.

Fresh Fruit Crumble ~ RM12
Ezel had this. He looked like he enjoyed it.

And of course, you cannot miss the opportunity to see something burn at The Smokehouse.

Instead of a birthday cake, we ordered Teri a Bombe Alaska ~ RM28. Watch it burn~ It has a meringue crust, vanilla ice cream and a biscuit crust. It’s very nice and the alcohol makes it that much better.

It was a good dinner albeit the price. Each dish is a minimum RM12 but the quality is worth every cent. Coming back once in a while is alright.


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