Big Fat Bird Café ~ Tropicana City Business Park

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

At this rate I’m going, I’m going to be fat in no time, more like I’ve already packed some pounds. Yup, i guess there won’t be any jalan-jalan cari makan for me for a long while.

This is a small place discovered by Ezel called Big Fat Bird.

Their official website and facebook page can be found here and here

Big Fat Bird is a little, bright cafe, stowed away in a nice, almost corner shoplot at Tropicana City Business Park. Where is Tropicana City Business Park, you might ask? Next to Tropicana City Mall lol.

They offer a pasta of the day and a sandwich of the day set which comes with either coffee/tea and salad/soup. You get to pick whether to have wholemeal or white bread as well. Giving the customers a healthy option or any option at all is always a good thing.

Black and white color schemes for their menus and interior. Simple and basic, me like.

It’s a nice cozy place, good for lunch dates 8D

From the fifth image onwards: cake rolls (was so tempted to try the green tea one ;w;), creme brulee and mini tarts.

Onwards! To the food we had 8D

From the top: their homemade mushroom soup: very mushroom-y, the croutons were left in there for a tad to long though so it was quite soaked =/, Jaslyn’s tomato and chicken ham pasta: she didn’t like it because it was too watery, I liked it lol and Jared’s fish and chips: it looks good so it should taste good lol.

My triple cheese ham sandwich without tomatoes as requested. I didn’t quite taste the triple cheese but my BBQ chicken ham sandwich, which I had the first time I was here was good.

Jared’s big fat bird sandwich. It came with a piece of chicken ham, a piece of turkey ham, a layer of scrambled eggs, a piece of cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. That is one big fat bird!

and lastly… Creme Brulee

It tasted fine, just that it was odd that they didn’t flambe the sugar.

They have a warm pastry oven but I didn’t take a photo of it because there was too much condensation on the glass but their curry puffs look good and are good apparently.

Overall? I’d come back again to try the other stuff, especially the green tea roll~


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