Chili’s ~ Midvalley Megamall

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

I have never been to Chili’s. Honest! When I was asked on my birthday by my uni-mates whether to have lunch at Chili’s or another restaurant. It’s no doubt which I picked.

Chili’s Official Website can be found here.

The branch we went to was Midvalley’s.

The decor feels so American lol. If Alfred Jones from Axis Power Hetalia had a restaurant, this is EXACTLY how it’ll look like.

Loud decor with too many things trying to capture your attention at a time.

And instead of starting with a plate full of food, I present you with…

Empty plates.

Just to prove how we enjoyed the food haha!

Chili’s drinks are expensive. They’re refillable but expensive. It sounds quite ridiculous to pay RM7 for a glass of soft drink/ice lemon tea. And if you attempt to share the drink, they won’t refill it for you . Okay. Ridiculously-priced drinks are ridiculous. Fair enough that they say it’s ‘per person; but still!

There is… however, a trick to all this. Order 2 glasses of iced water and ask for straws. And order 2 refillable drinks. The water that’s served taste like tap water anyways. So yeah…


Back to Chili’s.

We ordered Fajita Quesadillas which is basically Fajita-marinated chicken with grilled onions and Jack cheese in tortillas. Served with sour cream and house-made pico de gallo. It was good! It was like eating thin warm pieces of cappati with chicken and cheese as fillings. I removed every bit of onion in there. My uni-mates merely rolled their eyes at me.

Next was the Country Fried Chicken Crispers, chicken breast hand-battered & fried. Served with mashed potatoes with black pepper gravy, sweet corn on the cob & garlic toast. I liked this very much. The fried chicken was not oily and there was enough mashed potatoes to go around 4 people!

And Firecracker Fish Fillet, grilled fish fillet brushed with sweet & spicy glaze and garnished with red chile tapenade & sesame seeds. Served with seasonal veggies & rice on the side. This was nothing spectacular. Yes, the fish was fresh but it was dory, a fish that I’ve learned to dislike. And the ‘sweet and spicy glaze’, hardly tasted it. The veggies were soggy and soft.

Here’s Wei Chee cutting the corn off the cob. I found her expression too amusing and she was struggling all the way lol.

And while waiting for desert, I secretly photographed all these oblivious expressions.

This. Looks absolutely awesome. However, it tastes half as awesome as it looks. The only reason why I’m saying this is because I recently tasted TGIF’s chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and it was SO AWESOME. I’m sorry Chili’s but I’m forever loyal to TGIF’s chocolate brownie until I find a yummier one.

Then tada~

Blueberry cake ❤ Thank you guys ❤

But please, next time, do a better job at hiding. I was actually wondering why Susan was holding the box horizontally all the time lol.


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