Secret Recipe ~ Cheras Leisure Mall

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

On the same weekend as the Chili’s makan trip, Jia Chee treated me to a piece of cake at Secret Recipe’s which became a pie fest lol.

Secret Recipe’s official website

I tried a piece of cake that I’ve never tried before. And it was good!

This Hazel Cheese Cake is absolutely delicious ❤ It tastes like a cheesecake with nutella hahaha.

Another good cake I had from Secret Recipe lately is the Butterscotch Pecan. It’s absolutely HEAVENLY! HEAVENLY I SAY! I love pecans and butterscotch or anything that tastes like caramel. So this was really absolutely heaven ❤ Even dad and mum had second helpings lol.

Back to the pies, Jia Chee had a Black Pepper Lamb Pie, I think? She said it was okay.

I had a Spicy Chicken Cornish. Tak sedap. To begin with, there was hardly any chicken nor potatoes in it. All I could taste was… onions. It was however, very filling. I brought back the other half for my brother lol. Thing is, you’d be better off with the Chicken Curry Puff which costs less but most probably would taste better.

I feel so loved ❤ I had 3 good meals just for one occasion ❤


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