Yuzu ~ The Gardens Midvalley

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

Had lunch at Yuzu’s with Ezel and Max during Coffy Time.

I’m not a big fan of Japanese food honestly. There’s a simple explanation to it:

1) I don’t eat raw fish
2) I don’t eat cold noodles
3) I think ramen is instant noodles

Simple right?

And yet I was in Yuzu.

More reviews at kampungboycitygal.com, masak-masak.blogspot.com and lotsofcravings.blogspot.com

Yuzu feels authentically Japanese for a few reasons:

1) They have kimonos and nice chirimen cloth draped everywhere. It’s like a mini cloth museum.
2) They pronounce ‘Irrashaimase’ properly unlike other Japanese restaurants that stumble through the simple word. I haven’t heard them say ‘Arigatou gozaimasu’ though.
3) They play other songs BESIDES ‘Mirai’ (at least I think that’s the name of the song.) It drives me mad when Japanese restaurants have that song on loop (especially Sushi King). It’s as though that song is the only song that Japanese have produced in the past 30 years or so.

One look at the prices wore a stunned expression on my face for the next 5 minutes as I skipped through the first few pages and went straight to the set meals. I’m cheapskate and poor like that.

All the ‘don’ dishes are priced above RM20. Crazy you might say? Well scroll down for what we ate and you would think otherwise.

Examples of set menus. I was contemplating between the Katsu Nabe set and the Ishiyaki Chicken set but I chose the former thinking that I would end up with Teppanyaki Chicken if I ordered the Ishiyaki set.

Was so tempted to get a macha dessert since I loved Sushi King’s macha ice-cream therefore Yuzu (being more high class) should serve better but more expensive macha ice-cream yes?

Okay, calm down. Don’t be reckless. Brain before stomach. Right.

When my food arrived, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish everything. Thank goodness I didn’t order ice-cream!

My set came with… (from top)

1) The Katsu Nabe
2) Chawan Mushi
3) Miso soup
4) A small salad
5) Rice
6) Tofu thing
7) Fruits

….. thank goodness I didn’t ordered ice-cream.

Ezel’s set came with the same just with a different chicken dish and a prettier chawan mushi.

Max’s was a cold noodle set. I don’t know what it’s called but the presentation was very pretty!

It was practically a tray of pretty red and black~

Now the real question. How was the food?

It was good. The ingredients were fresh, you could tell. The salad was mixed with vinegar so it was a nice appetizer, a good way to start a meal. I actually drank some of the miso soup despite the fact that I dislike miso. Max’s set came with a lighter-not-so-strong miso soup, I liked that one better.

The portion is ridiculous lol. You can share it among 2 small eaters and have enough really. I had to start distributing my food to the guys cause I really couldn’t finish.

The atmosphere – There were wooden pillars separating tables from the next giving some form of privacy to patrons. There was however and open dining space so you could spy on what the next table is eating. We had fun trying to figure out what the Japanese oldies (it sounded like oldies at least) songs meant and listening to lectures on how cold noodles should be cooked. The waiters were helpful in clearing plates etc.

Perhaps I would come back, perhaps. When I’m not so broke that is.

Yuzu is on the same floor as Food Garden, The Gardens’ food court and MPH but on the other wing.

T 236, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.


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