Upstairs Cafe & Bakery ~ SS2/66, Petaling Jaya

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

The name of the cafe pretty much speaks for itself. It’s situated on the First Floor of Jalan SS2/66, a corner lot but upstairs of course.

Please ignore all the smudges on the photos. My camera lens actually had finger prints on them orz

Here, have a photo of Max’s injured finger with his Orange Ice Blended (which was good apparently) before I proceed.

Upstairs has a modern setting of black and red with plenty of natural sunlight pouring in hence killing most of my photos because I was seated facing the windows orz. Apparently it has only been in operation for a month at most and I guess being situated upstairs is a drawback but the giant signboard and the awesome frontage makes up for the lack of a lower floor. The bookshelf was random something I noticed in a glassed room near the counters. Max said the food coloring looked like printer ink.

Their menu offers an interesting selection of sandwiches, salads, snacks, pasta, lunch, beverages and a special corner for french toast. Their sandwiches include Tuna Apple, BLT, Roast Beef, Crispy Chicken Finger and even 2 choices of vegan sandwiches, Veggie and Mushroom & Cheese. I like the fact that they serve breakfast all day long – something not many restaurants/cafes are willing to do, I don’t understand why but yeah.

You may also walk in just to pick up a few cakes, mini tarts or a bun or two. There’s actually a bread section (which I forgot to photograph) with selections of white loafs, wholemeal loafs and sausage buns just to name a few. They serve the very same bread when you order sandwiches or any other dish that comes with it.

Over the counter, they have 3 kinds of mini tarts – blueberry cheese, chocolate and apple crumble. They’re all bite-sized (my mum actually could fit one into her mouth when I brought some back for her), fuss free and are priced at RM1.00 each. Their cakes, per slice are priced between RM5.00-6.00. They also offer decent priced whole cakes, mostly 7 inched ones.

By now, you would be asking, how’s the food?

Ezel had a Big Breakfast (RM14.90 for 2 sausages, 2 eggs – your choice of sunny side ups/scrambled, 2 slices of ham – your choice of beef/chicken, baked beans, button mushrooms, a piece of hash brown and a piece of toast) and a Ice Blended Caramel Latte. He was very satisfied with his breakfast at lunch time though the Caramel latte lacked caramel.

I forgot to mention that they use Heinz’s products so the baked beans are most probably Heinz’s as well, judging by how tiny the beans were compared to our usual Ayam Brand or any other brand (or so Max reckons)

An Ice Blended Apple and Peach came by mistake when I ordered my Apple & Tuna Sandwich and a Ice Peach Black Tea. They actually apologized and we had 3 blueberry cheese mini tarts on the house! Points for service! The cheese tarts were goooooood!

Here’s the Apple & Tuna Sandwich. I liked it! The tartness of the green apple got rid of all the fishy-ness of the tuna. Here’s the drawback: they had onions in them ugh. Max looked thoroughly amused while I was picking them out of the premixed tuna. Luckily the tuna is prepared fresh (as and when ordered) so the onion taste hadn’t blended with the tuna or it would have been a wasted sandwich ;w; I shall try to make this at home on my own one day. Using mustard instead of a salad sauce for the side was a nice change, less calories too.

Max’s Beef Triple Decker. It tastes as good as it looks, according to him that is.

We also ordered 2 pieces of cake to share – The Garden and Peach Paradise. Both are baked cakes. The Garden is a green tea layered sponge cake with red beans plus a layer of cream and green tea powder on the top. It lacked the softness and moistness that I expected. Peach Paradise is a layered sponge cake with cream and diced peaches sandwiched between the layers topped with cream and some passion fruit puree. The same applied leaving Ezel and I rather disappointed. Max liked it for the ‘body’ that no other cake has. I guess its a matter of preference.

If we ever come back, maybe the cheese cakes would be a better choice.

They also offer cookies (I’m not sure of what variety but there were 2 types) as well as cupcakes (only 1 type) and also mini quiches (2 types). It should vary each day. I would come back for the sandwiches definitely and for other things but not for the cakes that we’ve tried. For the price, the quality is up to standard and the best part? No service/government tax ❤

Their website can be found here.


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