Restoran Gafan ~ Taman Connaught, Cheras

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

Ezel and I attempted to look for Mengkuang Cafe which was according to a website situated near Plaza Phoenix/Econsave Alam Damai/Alam Damai Sports Center and we failed!

Luckily, he read a little earlier that there was a good Claypot Chicken Rice stall nearby.

Address : 40, Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught Cheras, Cheras, KL
Contact No : 03-9101 4024

My iced chrysanthemum tea and Ezel’s iced chinese tea.

They had an interesting selection of Claypot Rice which included Claypot Chicken Rice with Rice Wine, with Salted Fish OR Taiwanese Sausage, with Fish, with Prawns, with Mutton, with… I don’t remember the others but there were easily 10 choices on the menu.

We had a Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish

And a Claypot Mutton Rice

I liked the Claypot Mutton Rice. It was like the normal Mutton in Claypot dish… just with rice LOL. The mutton was nice and tender, tasty too. Claypot Chicken Rice was decent. For both dishes, it wasn’t like the normal Claypot rice dishes – it wasn’t soaked in sauce and the rice is cooked IN the claypot not cooked somewhere else and dumped into the claypot!

and the reason why I has so little photos was because I was hungry and I totally forgot about taking photos LOL

We met up with Juin after that for Baskin Robbins ice cream ❤

My key lime ice cream with cheesecake pieces in it, Juin’s berry and cherry something ice cream. I found mine too sweet.

Ezel’s Chocolate Almond Fudge(?) and Cherry Jubilee. I like the Cherry Jubilee and the Chocolate Almond Fudge is good if you’re in the mood for dessert as expensive lunch.

Meh. Baskin Robbins’ spoons use to have the numbers ’31’ instead of ‘BR’. When did that happen?


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