Oriental Banquet ~ Kelab Pelangi, Section 19/1, Petaling Jaya

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

Was at Oriental Banquet for lunch with my family.

Oriental Banquet is a newly opened branch of Noble House (near Jalan Bukit Bintang/Jalan Imbi area). They’re having a buffet lunch set for RM39 and RM50++ for a limited time only/introductory price. Its situated in Kelab Pelangi, Section 19/1, Petaling Jaya. Ask PJ people for directions, they’d definitely know this place lol.

Our RM39 set came with a sharks’ fin soup (which explained why it was expensive). The soup was rather disappointing honestly. Dad kept saying that the sharks’ fin is fake (I’d actually rather it be that way, there aren’t much sharks left in the sea!) and the soup is not tasty. Dad’s portion was rather salty (it’s served individually). They do give you a free (you might have paid for it and not know it) recipe booklet.

Their buffet spread doesn’t come with much variety. Roughly divided to 5 sections. Don’t be fulled by the ‘5 sections’, the food choices are not as much as you expect.

First section: dim sum. There was only 4 types of dim sum. Not even char siew pau. The ‘ma lai ko’ was pretty good though. Learn by example, if you notice a food being snapped up really quickly, you’d know its good (or really expensive LOL)

Second section: Salad. There was a ready made potato salad, lobster salad and garden salad while the others is a pick and mix section including prawns and salmon sashimi.

Third section: Some cooked food and requests. There’s the staple fried rice and fried meehoon here and some vegetarian stir fry. Food requests are like porridge, soup noodles, braised duck and pork, fried lobak, stir fried lobak, stir fried vegetables.

Forth section: Main buffet area. Food is all chinese but presentation is western influenced haha. Chinese food is definitely not served in soup spoons.

Last section: Dessert. 2 types of dessert: warm ‘lin zi kang’ and 3 types of cold ice cream hehe.

Front door and lobby area. It’s pretty obvious that I love the colourful Moroccan lights.

The ambiance is comfortable, its the typical chinese restaurant setting with high ceilings and the most important thing… they have clean toilets.


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