PHOP : Paddington House of Pancakes ~ Midvalley Megamall

Update: Paddington House of Pancakes has been replaced with Coliseum Cafe. There are still outlets at The Curve and Ampang Point as well as a kiosk at Plaza Shah Alam.

Paddington House of Pancakes is now changing its name to Punjabi House of Pitas!

Just kidding.

This a review for Paddington House of Pancakes haha. When we first told Darrell about PHOP, his reaction was “What? Punjabi House of Pitas?” hence the joke.

Darrell’s birthday was celebrated here. The one we visited is situated at the following address:

Lot LG-216, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel / Fax : 03 2287 4872

Operating Hours :
10.00am – 11.00pm everyday

Other branches are in One-Utama and The Curve. More info on where they’re at can be found here.

If you think they’re named after the Paddington Bear who has an obsession with pancakes, you’re wrong.

“Paddington House of Pancakes or in short, PHOP was born out of the founders’ obsession with ‘pancakes’. They have traveled half the globe to savor traditional pancakes of each country they visited. Call it lady luck, they met a foreigner in Paddington who has a strong passion for making great pancakes.”

It has an alfresco dining ambiance with air-conditioning and a roof above your head haha. The classic iron gate at the entrance is eye-catching and adds a nice touch to the place. Heck, not every restaurant/food joint has a nice iron gate, right?

There were 7 of us so there was the chance to see the variety on the menu. Unfortunately I was too distracted by the conversation going on and forgot to take photos of the menu. Darn.

Darrell’s pancake came in a frying pan. It was that BIG. There was a 30 minute waiting time cause this pancake involved double cooking: on the pan and also in the oven hence the fluffiness. For the 30 minutes wait, I guess it was quite worth it. It had bits and pieces of pineapple, cheese, bacon and tomatoes in it. It tasted like a giant omelette.

Leong’s pancake…. didn’t look like a pancake. It looked like deep fried roti jala with cantonese fried noodles sauce. Right right right?

Teri’s was the classic pancake breakfast. Two chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs.

Here’s another ‘Malaysian-ised’ pancake. It looks like a paper-thin roti canai. Or roti tisu. Or some other form of roti. It came with baked beans, cheese, diced onions, a sunny side up and a side salad.

Last on the savoury pancake line up was mine. Potato pancakes with a chicken fillet, apple slices and cream sauce. It was nice. The tang of the apple managed to balance out the creaminess of the sauce and the potatoes. The pancakes were so soft that I’m surprised that it managed to retain its shape. I would however suggest this be shared among two people. The jelat-ness got to me when I was 3/4 done with it. And I had an empty stomach before that.

All savoury pancakes come with a small side of salad or some greens.

Next up are the classic pancakes.

Pancakes with bananas, a dollop of butter (yes, that brown thing at the side is butter) and vanilla ice cream with a strawberry syrup topping. It comes with maple syrup. This is like eating breakfast for lunch. Don’t belittle the portion. Bananas + pancakes + ice cream can be very filling.

Karie was the only one who went for dollar pancakes. Dollar pancakes are adorable coin sized pancakes. Basically, pancakes in bite-sized portions so all you had to do was poke them with a fork, fuss-free.

Darrell’s orange and mango juice concoction with Leong’s berry mix in the background. My passionfruit mango fizzy drink. Drinks are RM5 and above. I paid RM7.50 for mine. Plain water is refillable, its less than RM2 if I’m not wrong?

PHOP is a bit pricey. I wouldn’t suggest it if you’re on a budget. One pancake dish can cost up to RM20 (mine was RM18.50) but if you’re planning to share, it’s worth it. Some portions are big and sharable, some (like Teri’s) are slightly smaller so don’t be fooled by the photos on the menu (there’s always a disclaimer in fine print).

Overall, the food is good, quality is good. But in terms of affordability? I would come here only when I have pancake cravings (which are not often) if not I would rather get a box of pancake batter and cook it on my own.

PHOP’s website:


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