Teapot Cafe ~ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Update: Teapot Cafe served its last pot of tea in 2012 as mentioned here.

I know how to drive to PJ on my own now yay! Just to SS2 for now though orz. But its a start!

Had tea at Teapot Cafe. The place has a nostalgic feeling to it with the decor and its classic tea-time menu. The low lighting makes it comfy and warm on a cold rainy day (which was that particular day. It rained and rained and rained some more!)

The teapots on display are absolutely adorable. The last ‘Fish and Chips’ one reminded me of Teri.

The menu has a wide selection of tea including Dilmah, Whittards and Twinnings as well as a selection of fruit/flower infusions for those who prefer none caffeinated tea.

I wasn’t kidding when I said ‘wide selection’.

Classic font, French Script haha. Not my hands by the way.

I actually mistaken the scones as cream puffs because of the shape lol.

Quite a number of people walked in to take away scones, eclairs, cakes and pies. The cafe itself was rather quiet, not many patrons. Even if there were, they had their tea/coffee and food, read the newspaper for awhile and left. Good place to date if you’re trying to hide from civilization *coughcough*

We tried a RM19.90 set of a pair of scones, a piece of cake, mini sandwiches and a pot of tea. You can pick any tea from the tea selection mentioned above. There is a choice of 4 cakes and 2 (tuna or egg) for sandwiches. We tried the Victorian cake. It was like very moist butter cake with some jam in between. I liked it without the jam. The jam made it too sweet. The tuna sandwiches were decent. They’re generous with the sandwich filling 8D

The Teapot Cafe has been around for 15 years (according to Ezel) and it has retained its old decor perfectly right down to the table cloth. If you like dining at places like Coliseum Cafe at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, this is the right place for tea.

Will definitely come back on a rainy day XD


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