Jin Chwan Seafood Garden ~ Selayang

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

It has become a yearly affair for my family to have a seafood feast on my dad’s birthday but it’s also considered a birthday lunch for all of us considering our birthdays are all rather close (7/5, 3/6, 17/6, 13/7) so we actually save!

The first step is to pick live seafood from Jin Chwan Seafood Garden then you have the choice whether to have Kedai Makanan Chef Tam or Behai Restaurant to cook it for you.

Because they’re all live seafood, the prices are not what you would get in Pudu Market or other wet markets.

They have fish, clams, snails, prawns, crab and even eels.

The temperature of the water mimics the temperature of the sea water to keep them alive and perhaps comfortable before they face their eminent death muahahaha!

I was very amused at the snow crab’s attempt to escape that I stood there for a long while just waiting for it to haul itself outta the tank. It never got out LOL.

We decided to go over to Chef Tam’s this time because we’re always at Behai Restaurant. It proved to be quite disappointing.

Fresh oysters and Stir-fried Japanese Snail with dried prawns

Cheese baked lobster. People, this is not how cheese baked lobster is supposed to look like. This is cheese SAUCED lobster =w=

Prawns with glass noodles. Dad had to recook the whole pot (aka throw in lots of pepper and soy sauce to make it edible)

We learned our lesson. We’ll go back to Behai Restaurant next time. The cooking there is better and food presentation there is better too. There’s also a baking ingredient shop next to Behai, mum and I go crazy in there XP

And oh! Seafood are sold 50% off if they’re bought when they’re dead lol


2 thoughts on “Jin Chwan Seafood Garden ~ Selayang

  1. wei chee says:

    hey babi!
    this shop lot just right outside my house~damn near babe~
    feel free 2 come again babi~i bring u eat nice sg.puloh dim summ~~~

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