Shabu One ~ Lot 10

EDIT 08/04/2014 : Shabu One is now closed :< We can only hope that after Lot 10’s renovation, they will somehow come back.

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

UPM students have no life.

Studying in a place where our favorite not so favorite past time is to study, study and study and our full time hobby is to sit for exams.

So, food is our only current solace

And with that, I bring you this review XP

Shabu One is located on the 3rd floor of Lot 10, KL. It puts a new twist to our staple sweaty, stinky steamboat consumption environment, Shabu One is clean, bright and plays Jay Chou’s songs all day long LOL. We paid RM19.80 per person (minus tax) with our student IDs. This promotion lasts till the end of October 2009.

This place is relatively new, we would have never known this place if not for its advertisement rolling over and over again on Pauline’s radio till she INSISTED that we go to the place with 8 types of steamboat soups, 100 types of dishes bla bla bla, yes, she mentioned it that many times, how can we NOT go?!

They offer ready-made food, mostly Taiwan influenced. There were warm food : fried rice, chicken wings, kung po squid, kung po mutton, tea eggs etc and cold food : kimchi, fresh oysters, mayo DRENCHED abalone (for a person who loves mayo, even that amount of mayo was too much), pickles etc.

There’s a ‘sausage mochi’ section (well they’re both placed side by side) with grilled mochi with 3 types of powder (chocolate, peanut and green tea) and grilled sausages with 3 sauces (curry, tomato sauce and black pepper). I’m not sure what’s with the ‘power of 3’ though lol.

They claim to have 100 types of steamboat ingredients but I’m pretty sure I saw some repeats so no points there D8 Variety is really vast though. They had scallops, crab and tiger prawns. All were fresh and okay. Size was another thing entirely of course lol.

They have about 8 types of soup (that was no lie) and a lot of sauces including XO sauce ❤

One thing I definitely have to rave about is their desserts ❤ 16 types of King’s ice-cream, 3 types of pudding + tiramisu and grilled mochi. It may not be Baskin Robbins or Haagen Dazs but it’s yummy all the same. Outta 16 flavors, we ate 11 XD Personal recommendation for their Peach Apricot, Honeydew Sago, Pistachio Almond and Mixed Berries ❤ Their tiramisu was made with awesomely fresh cream! You can eat 5 and never feel full. Their coconut jelly and milk jelly was good too. We didn’t touch their fruits though.

6 types of cordial drinks which were pretty decent. RM3.50 for a coconut with our package but it comes free with the normal, off-promotion RM50 per person price. Bottled water will also cost you RM1.20

Lastly, pics of the people~

Overall verdict? Ambience is good. Food is good but can be improved. The red meat was a disappointing, something when wrong there. Dessert section is awesome. Steamboat ingredients was standard. Soups were good. Service was good but I guess that comes with a newly opened, half empty restaurant. Worth going as long as you go for the student package.

Oh, members get to eat for half price, member fees are RM12 per half a year and those who come with a member get to eat for half price too!



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