Hoi Tong Steamboat & Grill ~ Serdang

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

Went to Hoi Tong Restaurant for Wei Chee’s birthday dinner.

The food selection is fantastic… really fantastic. Its a buffet steamboat and grill concept and the food variety is awesome! The food is unlimited but you’re charged RM10 for every 100g of food you waste…

The pot and the grill…

The seafood is wonderfully fresh and those that are marinated for the grill is flavorful and just plain… nyam~ They even have the more expensive range of SCALLOPS, ‘balitongs’, bamboo clams, that spine-y clam (balitong), mussels and the more usual crab, prawns, lala and cockel shells.

The grilled selection had ‘sotong’, some kind of shellfish, stingray, honey chicken (which was tad abit to sweet for me), pork , lamb oh wonderful lamb~~~~~ and plenty of fish. They’re nicely marinated.

There was about 8 choices of vege, 6 types of noodles and fruit + ice cream for dessert

And of course there’s the staple many many types of fishballs, crabmeat, eggs and bla bla bla… Oh, they also have some cooked food like curry chicken, braised duck, fried noodles and fried meehoon for those who get tired of cooking.

I’ll let the rest of the photos speak my next thousand words.

A group photo~

And lastly… is a pic of beautifully shaped butter…


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