Itallianies ~ The Gardens

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

Had lunch at Italianies with Ezel. Lunch sets are about RM20++ per set?

Focacia bread with olive oil + herbs + balsamic vinegar. The olive oil + herbs mixture was so fragrant ❤ The balsamic vinegar was not so bad.

Mushroom soup~ Its thick. Its creamy. Its… full of stuff that’ll get stuck in your teeth and I suspect those stuff are… diced onions .They certainly tasted like them. I managed to down the whole bowl nevertheless even with my dislike for onions. It was obviously nicer than your average Campbell soup in a can.

Ezel’s Calamari Caesar Salad. The presentation is nice.

Now this is mine. Chicken Sandwich with sauteed button mushrooms and tomatoes. It was with focacia bread again with lettuce, sauteed red peppers, Caesar dressing and a fried chicken breast which was a much nicer version of a A&W Chicken Sandwich.

The size of the Ice Lemon Tea in proportion to the salt and pepper shakers ._. but with the amount of food eaten, I’m sure I couldn’t drink a tall glass of tea lol.


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