Macarons & Cake from Godiva ~ Pavillion, KL

Jaslyn dropped by today and brought me a treat!

Thank you, I really appreciate the visit ❤

Look at these little gems!

But I should warn you… looks can be deceiving.

Godiva’s Malaysian website can be found here

The macarons… were disappointing.

The green one is Pistachio and the brown one s Chocolate. The shell did crumble nicely upon the impact of the fork but the inner side was dry! Macarons are supposed to be crumble-y on the outside and chewy in the inside. This one just crumbled. That’s it.

As for the taste… the pistachio tasted very artificial. It tasted like marzipan instead of pistachio. I’m wasn’t sure what I was tasting by the time we got to the disappointing thin layer of filling. The chocolate one was better~ Well Godiva being Godiva, if the chocolate one sucked, they should immediately stop their macaron production. The filling tasted quite decent too.

They are however, quite stingy with their filling. I was looking at the macaron horizontally, the filling was hardly visible.

I don’t know how much they cost though… Jaslyn snatched the receipt from me before I managed to get a good look orz. I’m guessing they’re pretty pricey.

Overall? Nathalie’s macarons pawns all other macarons I’ve eaten before. Currently the scale is at… Nathalie’s > Shangri-la’s > Godiva’s > Cake Sense’s > Dorsett Regency’s

Next… is Godiva’s white chocolate cake.

It looks pretty~ it came with a really big box though lol.

First mouthful was… “hmm… it tastes like cream”. That feeling stayed throughout the whole course of eating the cake though.

Sadly… there was hardly any white chocolate taste. For a ‘Chocolatier’ that produces one of the best chocolates in the world… yeap, I was definitely disappointed.

So, for Godiva, stick with the chocolates and the chocolate drinks.


4 thoughts on “Macarons & Cake from Godiva ~ Pavillion, KL

  1. annabanana says:

    The cakes at Godiva are such a disappointment!!!!! And for some reason, the chocolates do not taste like the Godiva you buy in the US. For the cost, it is totally not worth it.

    • Awwww =/ sadly I might not have the chance to taste US’ Godiva =/

      Will try to look out for the imported ones/get friends to bring them over. The cakes are indeed quite disappointing. Hopefully this is an isolated case. Will one day try their chocolate chocolate cakes instead of their white chocolate ones =/

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