Papa John’s ~ Berjaya Times Square

This is a backdated entry copied from my livejournal

Had lunch with Ezel, Naoko and her brother, Phillip at Papa John’s.

Papa John’s is another franchise under the Berjaya Group and has one branch at Berjaya Times Square and another at Sunway Pyramid.

More info at

Image does not belong to me. Not mine. Not mine

I’ve actually had a delivery from Papa John’s before but I didn’t quite remember cause it was awhile ago. So I didn’t exactly harbour anything towards the franchise.

Why did we end up at Papa John’s? To satisfy Ezel’s pizza cravings. We have yet to have Domino’s Pizza and until we do, he’s gonna continue giving me puppy dog eyes till I relent. In which I have yet to wahahahahahaha! I’m a bad makan buddy, I know.

Papa John’s has a Classic Pizza menu and a Specialty Pizza menu. The Classic Pizzas can be found here and the Specialty Pizzas here. There are 4 choices for Classic pizzas and 10 choices for Specialty pizzas.

Think that’s a lot of choices? There’s more.

Papa John’s also offers Pasta and Rice as well as Sides. For those who don’t want a normal pizza but something similar, there’s Pizza Pockets (the last image above)

And of course, there’s their dessert selection which looks quite good honestly.

Set menus are offered for 2 person, 4 person and 6 person.

Though there were only 4 of us, we went for a 6 person set and ordered Cheese-baked meat balls. Our set came with 2 9″ pizzas (you can only choose between 5 pizzas if I’m not wrong), one set of breadsticks, one set of potato wedges, one set of chicken wings and 6 glasses of soft drink. Some people maybe facepalm-ing right now and thinking that we’re gluttons.

And I would disagree with you.

Our pizzas: Hawaiian Papa and Fisherman’s Catch.

Really, Naoko should stop photobombing my photos with her random cutlery in the frame

See what I mean? The chicken wings were made for 4 person even though it was suppose to be a 6 person portion, the potato wedges are pathetic and there were only 4 breadsticks. Seriously now, you don’t expect 6 people to actually eat all that and feel full? Unless you’re expecting the 6 person crowd to be all on a diet and be tiny (yes TINY, not small) eaters. The sauces are garlic butter (for the breadsticks) and pizza sauce. They have tobasco but we didn’t ask for cheese powder (we really should have)

If not for the meatballs (which I didn’t eat), I’m sure the rest would have had that ‘this is such an unsatisfying meal’ look on their faces.

9″ pizzas are actually pretty small. We wiped everything clean and it was just enough. In terms of taste… I’m not sure if its a Malaysian thing or a me-thing but it lacked in taste. I find Pizza Hut and Domino’s pizzas tastier and somehow more satisfying. The garlic butter was good however (yes, this is the first time I would admit that anything with GARLIC is good) and we were dipping everything in it lol. I don’t know how was the meatballs since I didn’t eat it but those who did commented that it was only so-so. Ikea’s are anytime better. The potato wedges and chicken wings were alright despite their measly portion. The breadsticks were well… tasteless. Maybe that’s why the garlic butter was so tasty.

I would however give them points for service. We were there during the lunch rush hour but food arrived fairly quickly. I didn’t quite get why there were in such a rush to collect our used plates and cutlery though. Before we left, the table was already squeaky clean.

Final verdict? Not coming back

Papa John’s website:


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