cuppacakes by wondermilk

I’ve been digging through my external harddisk and I found a whole batch of old photos that involve me cooking various nonsense so be prepared for more updates! (provided that my modem behaves)

My mum’s colleague is apparently the father of one of the creators of wondermilk and during the past Hari Raya, we got a box of cuppacakes free-of-charge!

First impression: “*squeaaaaaaaals* Omigosh these are so cuteeeeeeeeeeee~ *swoons*

I was pretty excited when my mum brought back this adorable box of cupcakes.

They’re really cute – size-wise and design-wise. I’ve heard a lot about them but have never seen the real cupcakes nor tasted them.

Wondermilk’s website can be found here. They have a facebook page too, go look for them there~

And the verdict….?

I’m disappointed.

The cupcake is sweet. Very sweet. Furthermore, the cream had bits of sugar in it D: It was as though the sugar was not dissolved properly.

The ‘cake’ portion was no big deal =/ It’s just a normal vanilla cake. Not particularly soft or buttery. Not particularly moist.

My mum commented that they’re very pretty while my brother said they were ‘fashionable not function-able’. Not trying to discourage you but it’s really NO BIG DEAL.

I’m sorry wondermilk, your cupcakes are just… cupcakes.


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