Ayam Penyet Ria ~ Sunway Pyramid

The first time I had ayam penyet was at Sunway Pyramid. Ezel dragged me there insisting that I try the food because ‘it’s that awesome’.

Ayam penyet is literally ‘flattened chicken’. It’s actually fried flattened chicken… or flattened fried chicken. I’m not sure which.

But the star of dish is actually the sambal belacan.

There’s a lot to choose from on their menu. There’s chicken, beef, prawns, catfish and pomfret.

There’s also egg, beancurd and tempe.

One thing very odd to me about the way this restaurant works… is that you pay before you eat. Unlike the usual ‘pay after you eat’ policy.

Ezel and I had a chicken dish each. The chicken dish came with a piece of chicken, 3 beef balls, a few pieces of beancurd and tempe. The chicken was crisp but tender and very flat while the beancurd and tempe was good. The tempe was cut just right so that you don’t get a mouthful of strong-tasting fermented soy beans. Tempe has to be the right thickness and size if not it’ll taste foul!

I didn’t eat the beef balls though. They looked like a decent size.

The one thing I love about the dish was the SAMBAL BELACAN. It was seasoned wonderfully and the spiciness was fantastic! It’s very, very spicy! Enough to make you sweat and cry. The fact that it’s tasty was a plus point.

Believe in the sign.

Believe it~ believe it!

Ezel had a Milo-something.

I had a Cendol drink. It was good. The amount of gula melaka and santan in it was just right.

The place is nice and bright too. Another plus point!

Will come back if I can. Other ‘ayam penyet’ that I’ve tasted so far hadn’t been as awesome. Hopefully, it still tastes the same now.


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