Napoleon Cake ~ Tong Kee Bread & Tarts

“Biscuits meets cake”

That’s what Gwen said when I first showed her a photo of the Napoleon cake.

Stardust Cakes‘ version has strawberries in it and it looks very different from what I ate. Theirs is also called “Mille Feuille” which to my knowledge is a layered cake of cream, crepe and strawberries. has a recipe for it and apparently, it IS a Mille Feuille.

If that’s the case, Tong Kee, you have failed.

Tong Kee’s version are layers of walnut sponge cake, cream crackers and cream. So there is a crispy spongy texture. I liked the walnuts in the cake but surprisingly the walnuts are not as fragrant as I expected them to be. Which means the walnuts were thrown straight into the cake batter without being roasted.

The second thing is the cream. It leaves an oily residue on your tongue and it’s very sweet. This might have to do with the fact that the cream is not fresh. We did walk into Tong Kee just as it was closing so the cake most probably sat there for a really long time.

It was an interesting cake at first. I could bear with the taste. I’m actually not much of a fussy eater haha. But yeah, I would like to taste a nice Napoleon cake in the future. Suggestions, anyone?


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