Shang Palace ~ Shangri-La Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail

I recently attended my uncle’s wedding dinner at Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel. I expected a lot because I’ve eaten their buffet at Lemon Garden before and it was fantastic!

It was the wedding of Sean and Debbie Lim. I’ve always known Sean as the guy who looks exactly like that actor on the chinese series ‘Kindred Spirit’ It’s a never-ending show. It just goes on and on and on bleh. who takes really fantastic photographs! Debbie’s a really sweet, pretty girl who likes the fish in my garden. A lot. She’s dubbed ‘Fish Girl’ by her husband and they have a marine fish tank at home. She recently uploaded a video of her clown fishes’ eggs, it was quite fascinating =D

It was small and rather private wedding. The overall atmosphere was homey and warm. Everything was unlike the typical ‘chinese wedding protocol’ and really, that made all the difference. It’s so much better without all the high-cost entrance of the first dish, on stage yam seng ushered by a loud-mouth MC, cake cutting ceremony and all the other time-wasting things we Chinese seem to do during weddings.

Anyway, back to Shang Palace.

I was surprised that all the cutlery, dishes and bowls were all custom-made with Shangri-La’s logo.

Our menu of the day.

Firstly, the Shang Palace hot and cold dish platter. From clockwise, fried oyster mushroom with seaweed, roast duck, spicy clams and egg crepe. The fried oyster mushroom was not oily, the roast duck alright while the spicy clams – I couldn’t really tell what I was supposed to taste or what I was eating in the first place! – and the egg crepe decent. The egg crepe had a piece of crispy duck skin and a piece of cucumber on the inside.

Double boiled Chicken soup with fresh ginseng and sea coconut. Aren’t you surprised that there’s no sharks’ fin soup? =D I was happy! There was less sharks being killed and I would feel less guilt-conscious. There was a mild ginseng taste and I think the sea coconut has no contribution to the taste of the soup whatsoever.

Steamed Boneless Chicken with Mushroom and Garden Greens. I loved the mushrooms in this. They were so soft and yet chewy.

Sauteed Fresh Scallops with Shimeji Mushrooms and Celery. The scallops were sweeeeeet! I was so amazed!

Steamed Pomfret with Light Soy Sauce. The fish was overcooked ._.

Braised Brocolli with Black Mushrooms and Gluten in Superior Oyster Sauce. Superior Oyster Sauce, my foot! It’s more like tasteless, diluted oyster sauce. The brocolli, mushrooms and gluten were however braised very nicely. More soft mushroom!

Fried Rice with Assorted Seafood and Golden Garlic. I got bits of prawns and scallops. I guess that’s as assorted as they could get lol!

Sweetened Red Bean puree with Sesame Dumpling. It’s basically red bean soup. It was nice, no lumpy texture and the sweetness is just right. The sesame dumpling had a nice texture but the filling wasn’t as fragrant as I expected it to be.

Lotus Paste & Red Bean Paste Chinese Pancake. It wasn’t oily so it was decent.

There was something about all the food served – they lacked salt. Or soy sauce, whichever. The point was that almost every other dish, I had to dip in soy sauce =/ Perhaps there’s something wrong with my tongue but when I saw people ‘recooking’ their fried rice with soy sauce, looks like I wasn’t wrong =P

These are not for consumption. These are my cousins – Way Way and Ethan who are all so very adorable ❤

All that mattered during this wedding was the company. I enjoyed myself with ‘children entertainment’ and also in company of my family.

But I just had to be kepoh and comment about the food! *gets shot*


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