Let’s Sweets ~ Bugis Junction, Singapore

I adore desserts. Adore is an understatement. I love desserts. It’s my favorite section in a buffet =D

So the minute I found out about Let’s Sweets, it was a definite go!

Let’s Sweets’ promo site can be found here while other reviews can be found at xinyun.sg, Daniel’s Food Diary and hungrygowhere.com

Let’s Sweets is located in Bugis Junction, SGians should know where it is judging by this photo… I guess.

The view from our table.

One thing I don’t quite like is that there’s a 60 minute time limit!

And there’s a timer to remind you to rush rush rush! x.x

Let’s Sweets are advocates of indigestion =w=

And despite that, look at the crowd!

… the food has to be really good right? Or Singaporeans are gluttons! *coughcough*

For once, I’ll start with photos of dessert! =D

You get to pick as many as you want but not all are as yummy as they look. The thing about mini cakes is that they tend to taste the same after awhile. These ones have a nice texture – sponge cakes are really sponge-y, airy and fluffy. The mousse cakes were smooth while the cheese cake is quite dense.

But in terms of taste, it’s only so-so =/ I guess that’s what happens when you offer a variety of desserts. Not all will be fantastic. The cheese cake was good though!

The jellies? God-forbid, please don’t serve them anymore. It gave me the impression that they never taste their food before it’s served. They were tasteless.

Next to the small-cakes-pastries area is the crepe area. Crepes are made to order.

There are a few flavors if I’m not wrong – blueberry and chocolate banana to name a few.

There’s also a chocolate fountain but with a few choices – fruits and marshmallows.

That’s about all for the dessert section. It’s actually a really small section.

Moving onto the main course section…

You can watch as food is being cooked through their ‘hole in the wall’.

With the amount of pasta they serve here, the only thing Japanese about it is the Japanese omelette and the curry rice sauce.

There’s also sausages, hash brown and pizza.

I didn’t try the pizza so I’m not sure how it tasted like. But yes, please come up with your own kinds of curry rice(s). I had curry omu rice haha!

The amount of food here is countable – the variety is rather limited. But I guess that’s rather understandable since you’re only allowed an hour.

It was 19SGD++ per person but for the variety they serve, it was rather disappointing. The dessert section was rather limited and so was their main course section. The drink section, which I forgot to photograph was quite alright. They have a coffee/chocolate machine so you would have machine-made-to-order mocha, cappuccino, chocolate etc. and the usual juices and cordial drinks.

And Singaporean food being Singaporean food (Yes, I’m stereotyping), the food seemed to leave you with an empty-full feeling. Your stomach is full but you’re unsatisfied. I guess the only thing about this eating experience was that it was exciting to beat the timer haha!


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