Food Foundry ~ Happy Mansion, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

I actually kept a newspaper cutting of the mille crepe a long, long time ago and I pestered my mum to look for the place.

She never did.

Until I had the chance to get a PJ-ian to bring me to the place.

The same newspaper cutting that I kept was on display at Food Foundry haha!

Food Foundry’s Facebook page can be found here while reviews of the place can be found at,, and

My vanilla mille crepe with Ezel’s black forest cake in the background plus a close up of the vanilla mille crepe

Teri’s strawberry mille crepe and Jaslyn’s chocolate mille crepe

Lastly a photo of Ezel and Jared battling to finish the last bite of vanilla mille crepe hahaha

The crepes were all really good. I liked the vanilla one the most 8D Original flavors are always safe and delicious XD The cream was light and not too sweet. The portion was big! For the price we paid, it was worth it~ We couldn’t finish our portions. Luckily, Jared didn’t order and Ezel’s black forest cake was small so we had help with our portions hahaha.

But as of late, the portions have decreased in size =(

During my second visit to Food Foundry, the mille crepe was yummy as usual while the walnut muffin was abit dry. The ground walnuts in the batter was nice though, it looks really pretty XP

However, the height of the mille crepe has shrunk ._. It’s not that the crepe cake has gotten any denser, it just seemed like they got lazy and skipped a few layers.

I brought 2 slice of mille crepe home and my bro and mum was practically fighting over them LOL. Mum asked ‘You mean such nice food exists on earth?’

Got that right, mum.

I’ve eaten mille crepes at Nadeje Cake House in Malacca but nothing can be compared to Food Foundry’s mille crepes. However, Nadeje’s had more choices while Food Foundry only has 3 flavors – vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Comments on Nadeje’s food can be found at and


11 thoughts on “Food Foundry ~ Happy Mansion, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

  1. Hmmm… If you didn’t know, Nadeje first supplied the Mille Crepes to Food Foundry before FF decided to take things into their own hands and start making their won. 🙂 And also, Nadeje is the first bakery to start this mille crepe thingy before it got popular.

    However, the first and original mille crepe baker is no more at Nadeje but has started their own. You can check out They have branches at JB, Penang and KL.

    I know all these before I did my research and started this whole mille crepe craze back then.

    • Ah I see… Hi there =D I do recall reading your post about that way before writing this post haha.

      It just so happens that I had the chance to taste Food Foundry’s first since Malacca is out of reach and I spotted the article in the newspaper.

      Thanks for pointing it out =D

    • Hi there~ In my opinion, food foundry’s crepe’s filling is light and it’s not very sweet. It doesn’t leave an oily taste in your mouth like most cream does =D Nadeje’s was a bit dry.

      But really you would have to try it for yourself. My opinion doesn’t sum up other people’s opinions as well and some people might actually prefer Nadeje’s mille crepe compared to Food Foundry’s =)

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