Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe ~ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

The last time Gwen was down in KL, we found ourselves at Fullhouse, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng with Ezel and Teri. I’ve never been there before so we thought it would be a good idea to go there for tea.

We were disappointed, somewhat.

Fullhouse’s main website can be found here while their Facebook page can be found here

Since we were there for tea so we decided to order just desserts and a drink each.

Teri’s Tiramisu and my chocolate brownie. It was okay. The brownie is not warm enough and there were ice crystals in the ice cream – it wasn’t creamy and smooth and it tasted cheap.

If that’s bad, the drinks were worse.

I had Peppermint Chocolate while Ezel had Red Honeydew with Peach

Gwen’s Tiramisu and Teri’s Vanilla and Strawberry.


Mine was sickening sweet. I didn’t mind the toothpaste taste, it’s peppermint after all.Gwen’s Tiramisu tasted like diluted/weak coffee. Very weak coffee to the point of it being tasteless to her. Teri’s Vanilla and Strawberry had an overpowering ‘cough syrup’ taste. As long as its strawberry flavoring, it always tastes like cough syrup to me but for a strawberry lover like her to say it tastes like cough syrup? Something definitely went wrong there. Luckily, Ezel’s drink passed the test. It smelled really nice, taste was okay too.

For the price of RM6.90 per drink, I definitely expected more =/ Just because it has nice ambiance, the quality of food is compromised.

Points for ambiance only. No points for food


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