Restoran Ampang Western & Chinese Cuisine~ Jalan Ampang

Judging by its name, it’s pretty easy to guess where Restoran Ampang is. It is however, quite difficult to find the place because it is out of view and the entrance is a really sharp left turn from the main road.

Using google maps with Ampang point shopping centre as a landmark, it is on the opposite side of the road on the far left corner of the shop lots where ‘Hayward Animal Clinic’ is labeled. Thank you Foursquare for the exact location here.

And it doesn’t help that their signboard looks so run-down.

After you’ve struggled to find this place, I’m sure you’re wondering whether it was worth the trip.

Restoran Ampang is actually a Hainan-Western cuisine restaurant and is one of the few places that offer pork chop!

Photos were taken with my camera phone so they’re quite dark and pixel-ated but it’s clear enough to see =D

This is a pretty old fashioned restaurant which can fit max 7-8 tables on the inside and 5 tables on the outer side.

I wonder when was the last time they actually changed their signage. But surprisingly, the menu on the wall is available for ordering!

Among the popular items on their menu are “Guinness Pork Chop” and “Chicken Cordan Bleu”. Something else worth mentioning is their “Ampang Para Para”. It’s actually a kid’s meal, similar to english breakfast. They must have named the dish when the song “Para Para Sakura” was still famous.

Every meal comes with a small bun which is meant to substitute a dinner roll.

We ordered a Hainan Fried Rice to share, Sizzling Lamb – Dad, Mum had a steak, Bro had an Italian Chicken Chop while I had a Chicken Cordon Bleu.

The fried rice was good! There were hints of garlic here and there which I didn’t mind very much although I don’t like garlic. There was just enough wok hei (pan heat?) and it was tasty and fragrant.

Dad’s Sizzling Lamb with Mushroom sauce. At first glance, it is a small portion. At 2nd glance, it is still a small portion. In terms of taste, it was okay but dad preferred his black pepper sauce. Somehow, lamb always tastes better with black pepper sauce.

I don’t have a photo of mum’s steak but the portion was pretty small too. But for a petite-sized person, it was just nice.

Bro’s Italian Chicken Chop. It was a fried chicken chop with a tomato based sauce. There were onions and tomatoes in the sauce so I didn’t taste it. The only comment that my bro gave was that it tastes ‘different’. I think he meant unique.

My Chicken Cordon Bleu seemed to be the only item that was decently portioned. One thing about Hainan western food is that it almost always comes with baked beans. I had Hainan western food at Sin Kee in Brickfields and they used baked beans as part of the sauce.

I was rather sad that there was no cheese oozing out of the rolled chicken chop. All I saw and tasted was Chicken ham rolled together with the chicken chop. Surprisingly, even after a bowl of fried rice, I managed to finish everything on my plate.

Either I was really hungry or their food are made of air. In terms of taste, the food is still alright but in terms of portion, it was quite unsatisfactory. It is decently priced, my Chicken Cordon Bleu is less than RM15 if I recall correctly.

They offer other food like “Cantonese Fried Noodles” and “Hokkien Noodles” as well as the typical ‘big fry’ you can get at Chinese restaurants at that particular time of the day. I recall trying the hokkien noodles the last time and it was pretty good.

However, this time around, food isn’t as good as expected. My mum makes better chicken cordon bleu, period.


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