iscream ~ Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya

Lame pun is lame.

Welcome the newest ice-cream parlor in town that follows after Baskin Robbins, Haagen Daez and Swensens Ice-cream, iscream.

I’ve tried searching online for it’s main site and I got a bunch of other ice-cream creations around the world which revolves around this lame pun – I Scream in Hong Kong and iScream in Singapore.

However, none of them seem to have any association with the iscream that has just arrived in Malaysia.

Edit 07/12/2010: iscream’s facebook page can be found here. They’ve recently joined the facebook community. 2 other reviews can be found at and

I seemed to have forgotten to take a photo of the selection that they offer but they have about 12-14 flavors, if I recall correctly.

3 scoops for RM10.90. Actually it’s 2 scoops for RM10.90 but because it is newly opened, they had a promotion of buy 2 scoops and get one scoop free. Mine is Strawberry, Double Chocolate and a mocha flavor that’s hidden at the bottom. I was pretty distracted while choosing flavors because I was on the phone but I did manage to try their orange flavor and chocolate mint flavor.

The orange flavor was a frozen, creamy version of Sunquick orange concrete while the chocolate mint was like eating a polo sweet with a small piece of chocolate. The mint taste was overpowering! And I’m actually one person who enjoys mint drinks, sweets and ice-cream.

As for the flavors that I did take in the end, I was very impressed by the Strawberry while the Double Chocolate killed me. The Strawberry flavor actually had chunks of frozen strawberry and for once, I am happy to declare that it tastes nothing like cough syrup! The double chocolate got ‘jelat’ after awhile and I absolutely loved the mocha flavored one. It was very fragrant and rich!

Teri’s Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla with Raisins. The Chocolate flavor was a better version of my Double Chocolate as it was just nice! Not to strong and it doesn’t make you feel ‘jelat’. The Vanilla with Raisins however was too darn sweet!!! The vanilla taste was strong, yes but my goodness, it was too sweet x.x

Ezel’s Chocolate Chip Vanilla and Mocha. Because the other flavor is hidden at the bottom and I can’t seem to recall what flavor it was, I’ll omit that. The Chocolate Chip Vanilla is definitely a better choice than the Vanilla with Raisins. It’s not as sweet and it’s much lighter than the Vanilla with Raisins.

My conclusion with iscream? I’m not screaming.

Yes, you get to test the flavors and yes, they pretty much follow Baskin Robbins’ concept. But from this first impression, it seems that they will never get to that standard. There’s just not enough flavors to keep me coming back for more and as for the price – it’s definitely not the cheapest around.


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