Macarons at Levain Boulangerie Patisserie~ Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie’s facebook page can be found here

I was very, very, very excited when Shana recently told me that Levain was going to have macarons. Despite my excitement, I was poor on a tight budget due to other expenses *coughs* so my visit to Levain had to wait.

Oh the agony.

Finally after 2 weeks, Ezel dragged me and I dragged my brother along and tada~ we were at Levain lol.

We were there at about 5pm and there were only 3 flavors left =(

Clockwise, from the top: Cinammon, Hazelnut Praline and Jasmine.

Photos lie, I would say. They look so much bigger in photos =/


Right right?

Right right right? T_T

So, we ended up with only 3 flavors.

Firstly, the size. They’re really small. Shana has a photo of them compared to a 50 cent coin here.

They cost RM3.30 each, RM2.90 if you purchase more than 7 pieces. It’s an introductory/promotional price for now.

In terms of taste and texture… I was actually quite disappointed.

Firstly the taste. The macaron shells all tasted the same. They were just sweet with a hint of almond/nut flour. And some coloring accordingly. The fillings were the ones that made all the difference.

~ Hazelnut Praline: Oh gosh, this was nothing but sweet sweet sweet! The filling tasted like Nutella.
~ Cinammon: This was slightly better, I liked the cinammon filling
~ Jasmine: What Jasmine? There was no Jasmine taste!

Then the texture. The shells were crumbly, a hard crust and chewy on the inside. They got it quite right. But for the Hazelnut Praline, the filling was actually hard! The rest were alright.

In terms of presentation/looks, it’s perfect – a domed shell with little ‘feet’.

I might sound a bit judgmental/critical/harsh but I guess this comes from eating the yummiest macarons in town which up to date… is still Nathalie’s and Shangri’ La’s.

But hey, don’t judge Levain for its macarons. Their pastries are really good! Ezel had a beef curry fried donut and a cream cheese pastry.

I didn’t taste the beef curry fried donut but it smelled really good. The cream cheese pastry I’ve brought back home for my family after my first Levain trip with Jaslyn and Gwen. I wonder where that post has gone. I’ll have to backtrack and search for that post ^^;;

I might come back to Levain just to try their other flavors. I’m willing to give them another try because I really like their expensive pastries.

Their takeaway box for their macarons are really adorable too!

The saddest thing during our visit was that 3 extra flavors rolled out of the kitchen just as I was feeling miserable about the 3 previous flavors I’ve tasted and I didn’t feel like burning anymore holes in my wallet.

Maybe these would have tasted better~ if only I was 10 minutes late! T_T

Levain is having a Christmas chocolate promotion. I’m not sure if the chocolate are produced on their own or otherwise but they were selling for about RM6.80 for 100g. Yikes.

And I forgot to snap photos of the pretty chocolate gift sets! Looks like there has to be another trip to Levain.


5 thoughts on “Macarons at Levain Boulangerie Patisserie~ Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Kiraneko says:

    Ah just to add, I went there again yesterday (21/01), the size of the macarons has increased, but so has the price. Though I forgot to take a picture this time for the new pricing. If I drop by there anytime soon before you do I’ll be sure to take a picture.

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