Secret Recipe ~ KL Sentral

I have cravings all the time. Food cravings are perfectly normal for me.

At the time, I had a craving for cakes so Ezel suggested we have cake after a CF meeting. And the only place that has cake and is accessible is Secret Recipe.

We ordered 2 types of cakes to share between 5 cause we had lunch before that.

We decided on Tiramisu and Pecan Butterscotch because Theresa requested for non-cheesecake which we happily obliged.

I have not had Secret Recipe’s Tiramisu cake before. It was pretty good – light and tasty.

This is however a Tiramisu cake and not a real Tiramisu. The best Tiramisu I’ve had is Ezel’s haha.

The next cake is my favorite which is the Pecan Butterscotch. It’s filled with chopped pecans and the butterscotch sauce is really nice. It’s a tad bit sweet but acceptable for a sweet tooth like me.

Look at the oozing butterscotch. It looks yummy right?

And the pieces of chopped pecan. Nyam nyam.


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