The Daily Grind ~ Bangsar Village

Every time Gwen comes up to KL, it involves food. Lots of food. I was thinking of bringing her to Smokehouse since she was interested in eating there and since her bus practically stops in Bangsar but Ezel suggested The Daily Grind instead. We stood in front of the place on the day that we celebrated Teri’s birthday while searching for a place to get her a cake. The place left an impression on us because it serves Red Velvet cake haha.

No photos of the atmosphere and the menu because I was rushing in between meals to run errands at the bank and the bookstore. When we got back to the restaurant, our food was already being served.

Reviews and beautiful photos can be found at A Whiff of Lemongrass, Tummy Rumble and Aly’s Food Review.

The Daily Grind’s location can be found on google maps here. There’s only one branch up to date.

Ezel had an Avocado Bacon Burger, if I recall correctly.

The size of the patty is wow.

I had a Fisherman’s Pie. It was worth every cent!

There’s salmon, some other white fish, squid, spinach, potato puree and lots of cheese!! It tasted really good (just needed a pinch of pepper, personal preference) and was full of seafood. Because I ate this more than 7 days ago, I can’t quite remember what else was in there and I can’t tell from my photos, yikes. The wilted spinach was cooked just right, soft but not disintegrating. Everything complimented each other and was baked to perfection! But it was a rather big portion for me (either that or my appetite is not what it used to be), I passed almost half to the rest of the table to share.

My brother, Justin had a Chicken Burger, I’m not sure which but it was a standard one which came with pickles and he added on cheese.

The chicken patty was juicy and tasty. No Ramly burger can beat that. This is indeed a gourmet burger.

All these dishes came with a small salad which had what I’m guessing is an olive oil with herb infused dressing. I couldn’t identify it as anything else. A nice and light salad that compliments the heavy main dish well. All burgers come with fries.

Out of curiosity, Gwen had Pan-fried Meatloaf. It came with a corn cake, mashed potatoes and onion rings.

Interesting looking stack.

She has never had meatloaf before and outta us 4, she is the least-adventurous when it comes to food. Taking the risk of trying something new paid off. The food was good. She didn’t like the corn cake which I didn’t mind. It was like a corn muffin. Nice!



IT. WAS. HEAVENLY. The milkshake was silky smooth and being a peanut butter fan, this was heavenly! Did I mention it’s heavenly? Cause it’s just really that heavenly.

Last item we had after the insistence of Ezel was the Banoffee Pie.

From the bottom: Biscuit layer, chocolate crust layer, toffee and banana layer and tons of whipped cream with chocolate shavings.

It was very nice. There was however some effort needed to scoop up all layers and eat them together. Definitely worth the effort though!

Everyone was very happy with what they had. There will definitely be a revisit. Just not so soon. Each dish is about RM30 and there is a 5% government tax and 10% service tax. An ouch to the wallet but no pain, no gain right?


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