Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen ~ Midvalley Megamall

KFC, move over. I have a new favorite fried chicken fast food joint.

Popeyes was introduced to me by Jaslyn and Ezel and they swore that I would never go back to KFC after tasting Popeyes’ food.

They were right.

Popeyes logo belongs to Popeyes. It’s not mine, not mine, not mine

Popeyes main site can be found here while other reviews can be found at kampungboycitygal.com and masak-masak. Popeyes facebook page can be found here

I always have the ‘which fried chicken is better’ argument with Pauline. She’s a loyal fan of KFC, I get sick at the smell of KFC. When I ate Popeyes’ fried chicken for the first time, I was sure that I would never go back to KFC.

They have less-oily-fried chicken. At KFC, you would see me scraping all the fats off the chicken skin and the rest of the chicken and when I hold the chicken up, you’ll see the oil drip onto the plate below. I also hate that mouthful of oil the minute you bite into KFC’s chicken.

The next thing to rave about is the biscuit. Yes, that round, rock looking thing beside the chicken is called a biscuit. It tastes like a cross between a muffin and a rock biscuit – a crust on the outside and it’s soft and moist on the inside.

They have the same sides as KFC – mashed potato and coleslaw. The difference? KFC’s mashed potato tastes like it has fake brown sauce. Popeyes’ taste like awesome-possum brown sauce. There’s also bits of what I think is herbs in it so it tastes awesome ❤ KFC’s coleslaw has ONIONS. The no. 1 thing on my food blacklist. Popeyes’ doesn’t have onions and they have bits of pickles in it. It also tastes much fresher.

Popeyes’ also serve some good french fries. They’re crisp and they won’t get soggy as quickly as Mcdonald’s or KFC’s. And KFC basically has lousy french fries.

The french fries actually came with this chicken strip burger. Which is basically deep fried chicken strips with mayonnaise and lettuce in a burger. This I found no big deal. And it wasn’t worth its price.

During my recent trip to Popeyes with Ezel, I chose to try their chicken rice bowl instead of the normal fried chicken set. I was rather disappointed. I expected chunks of fried chicken smothered in sauce and I got strips of chicken instead. The sauce tasted exactly like the mashed potatoes sauce – which I liked and was topped with cheese. I just wished that it was fried chicken instead =/

The portion is rather big though. They give you quite a bit of rice.

Jaslyn’s fish rice bowl looks like there’s fried fish in it =/ Maybe I should try that next time.

One thing that I prefer in KFC is that they provide you with forks and knives. Not to mention, they have nicer chilli sauces. For some reason, Popeyes chilli sauce doesn’t taste as nice and since Mcdonald’s is just opposite, I feel like walking over, steal heaps of chilli sauce then walk back to Popeyes.

Despite all that, I’m never going back to KFC. Ever.


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