Food blogging resolutions for 2011

I know it’s crazy to post 3 posts in a day but I feel that this is the most important one =)

A friend of mine commented on Deliciouslogy and it got me thinking…

– What is Deliciouslogy’s purpose? and,
– Where do I see Deliciouslogy in 3 years time?

At first, Deliciouslogy was like a food journal – to record everything I’ve eaten and where I’ve eaten. And also as a compilation and reference for friends. I’m glad to say that people actually use Deliciouslogy to look for new food places or actually ask my opinion on where to eat because they know that I food-blog. There were small bumps and scrapes mid-way but that hardly affected me and gave me a really WTF-impression of the food blogging world.

And it won’t change. Deliciouslogy will continue to be a place where good food will be shared and not-so-good food will be advised to be avoided. I’m happy if it stays that way. However, better write-ups and photos will be my first resolution in food blogging. I’ve slacked in the writing and photography department and I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I own a prosumer camera and that my first language is English.

As for where do I see Deliciouslogy in 3 years time? On par with those fantastic food reviewers out there but at a much more humble level. Simple words, good if not tantalizing photos, at a local level. Malaysia is abundant with food and it’ll take a lifetime just to try everything. It would however be nice to be able to reach out to other people besides friends, family and acquaintances ♥


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