Fullhouse ~ Ara Damansara

After a photoshoot with Darrell, Karie and Ismail (I think that he’s name), we ended up at Fullhouse, Ara Damansara just because it was the only other restaurant besides a nasi kandar restaurant.

Although my last experience in Fullhouse was a bad one, I was going to give them another chance with a main course.

And I was hungry of course 😛

Other Fullhouse branches are as follow:

Fullhouse is popular as a photoshoot location and to me, it functions more as a photoshoot location than an actual restaurant. (Forgive me but I’m being distracted by the Malaysia vs. Indonesia football match while I type this).

We dropped by at about 4pm and we missed the lunch set meals =(

The set meals look really worth it as it comes with a main dish, drink and a dessert. Furthermore there’s a lot to choose from. The above two are just a few among many.

The deco at this branch is like any other. The furniture are all white and there are doves everywhere

They’re in cages.

They come in pairs.

They hang upside down.

They linger on the outside of cages.

Before moving on to their food,

I love this coaster. It holds the glass perfectly. My glass won’t slip and the coaster doesn’t slip on the table either. It’s annoying at times but it’s really good at what it’s doing haha.

This is what’s in the glass. Iced Yin Yong.

Darrell had Lime Juice. It’s in the background of my Iced Yin Yong.

Karie had Iced Korean Jujube Tea. It looked interesting. Jujube are haw flakes right?

The profiteroles was something I wanted to try but this dessert is something that is very hard to perfect and if not perfected, tastes awful.

Anyways, I decided to go with something that’s the safest on the menu.

Fried Chicken.

Schnitzel Breaded Chicken Cutlet to be exact.

It’s served with salad and with french fries. The fried chicken cutlet tasted alright. It’s quite oily though. The sauce that came with it tasted awful, weird and very weird. I asked for chilli sauce instead. Even their chilli sauce tastes weird.

Darrell and Ismail had Wok-Sear Chicken Chop

It came with raisin sauce. It looks fine although. But when they reached the middle, it wasn’t fully cooked.

They requested for a replacement and a replacement arrived at the table about 10 minutes later. They couldn’t finish it in the end =w=

I applaud them for the quick service. Though it may have been because there were only us in the whole restaurant.

Karie had The Fullhouse Club Sandwich

It looks good. If I ever go back to Fullhouse, I’ll consider ordering this.

But I’d most probably not come back.

The deco is really not worth my extra money and the food is just… okay.


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