Nando’s ~ Canterbury

Another contributer yay! This time, it’s from Juin in UK! *o* I would love to get the comments of Malaysians eating abroad (actually, any contributions are always welcomed! ♥). It seems that we Malaysians have a certain kind of palette and since we’re so spoiled with good food here, we tend to not appreciate food abroad unless it’s something we can’t get in our homeland.

Please visit Juin’s deviantart link in the sidebar on the right. She’s a dear friend of mine whom I’ve grown close to recently. Go have a look at her artwork!

Nando’s Canterbury
Address : 46, St Peters Street, Canterbury, CT1 2BG
Tel : 01227 766 261

“Set the world on fire” so it says, but no, even though I had 1/4 of hot-flavoured chicken with ‘extra-extra hot’ sauce, I dare say it still tastes like original-flavoured chicken that I ordered in Nandos back in Malaysia. I could see other customers from another table looking at us when we tried to pour out the sauce. I reckon’ that British, or perhaps Westerners don’t eat spicy food as much as Asians do.

That being said, I am glad I finally got the chance to try Nandos in UK once as my friends have been constantly recommending it, telling me it tastes so much better than the ones in Malaysia. Yes, I definitely do agree with that, if I could just ignore the non-spicy part.

Before I get started on the food, it’s worth noting how different their ordering system would be. (at least from the Nandos outlets I often go to in Malaysia) First you are brought to your table and be given menus. After decided on what to order, you need to go to the till to order and pay. If you ordered a bottomless drink (choices : coca cola, pepsi, 7up, frizzy orange, sprite), you will be given an empty cup; if you ordered other drinks (eg. milk, fresh juices, etc), you will either get the drink on the spot or it will be sent to your table depending on its preparation. After settling the bill, you bring your empty cup to another small counter, is also where you get your own cutlery and serviette, to fill your cup with the drink you wanted. Viola!

I ordered a set of 1/4 ‘hot’ chicken with 2 sidelines : frrench fries and mash potato. This set costs about £6.45 (not inclusive of VAT, and lucky lucky UK, VAT has just been increased)
I have to say the mash potato was really REALLY awesome. This is by far the best I ever had. If you like KFC’s mash potato then, you probably will enjoy this more. It doesn’t taste artificial as KFC (I was told KFC uses potato powder to make them), this one, you can taste the rich flavour of it and even some potato crunches in it. If you are not a chicken fan, you should at least go to try their mash potato.

The chicken is more or less the same as what we get in Malaysia, except the fact that it is more tender and…. tasty. It is hard to describe by words but I would love to agree with my friends that it DOES taste better.

It’s a shame that I didn’t get to try their dessert. My friend from Hong Kong who is currently studying in UK as well told me the awesomeness of their Carrot Cake. Hence marks my foreseeable revisit to the restaurant in the (possibly) near future! 🙂

It sure feels different eating Nandos in a foreign country…


2 thoughts on “Nando’s ~ Canterbury

  1. Harun says:

    Hi there, I’m a British Pakistani student from England 🙂 anyway, I stumbled across your blog whilst searching for Nando’s carrot cake recipe – I’m not usually a fan of carrot cake, but Nandos does it so well!!!

    I also agree with you about the spicy thing, ‘westeners’ don’t appreciate spice as much as us Asians, haha!

    • Ah, I see. Nando’s Malaysia doesn’t have carrot cake but we can get carrot cakes at most bakeries around here =)

      The review is done by my friend who’s studying in the UK at the moment though I’m pretty sure the ‘spiciness’ standards there can’t compare to Malaysia’s haha! 😛

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