Pizza Hut ~ The Mines Shopping Centre

Pauline, Susan and I were at Mines Shopping Centre a few days back, hoping to interview some hair product distributors for our Loreal Brandstorm 2011 project, too bad the feedback wasn’t all that good and some responses were quite mortifying. Why is it that we Chinese always have a bad habit of focusing on profit and business and not on educating the younger generation? =(

Anyways, our pick-me-up for the day was Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza =D Pauline didn’t feel like having pizza due to her sore throat so she did a subway takeaway and did an obvious smuggle into Pizza Hut. But since it was so early (11am!!), there were no complains from Pizza Hut’s staff haha.

First, a photo to tempt you to read further…

Pizza Hut’s website can be found here

Because there were only Susan and I eating, we picked a 2 person set + Cheesy Lava 3 stuff crust add on. The meal costs RM26.00 and adding on the stuffed crust is an additional RM2.50. All that plus a 5% govt tax and 10% service charge, the bill came up to RM33.05 or RM16.525 per person.

We were actually surprised that the add on was only RM2.50. Pauline thought it was RM8.

I noticed something new on the menu besides the already new snack appetizers like their prawn fritters and deli wings which were Masala Spin Rolls.

They looked pretty good but the minute I saw the ‘tomatoes’ and ‘onions’ in the ingredient list, I knew that I would never try it.

Our set came with Garlic Breadsticks which we gobbled up too quickly that I forgot to take a photo. Have a photo of the illustration instead ><

I think you’d be better off with their signature garlic bread. The portion was measly and I’d rather buy a tub of garlic butter and a loaf of bread and come up with my own breadsticks. They tasted ‘meh’.

And RM2.10 for 4 pieces of measly breadsticks?

Soup of the day was chicken and it tasted like the usual Campbell soup. Adding on pepper and cheese powder made it palatable.

Then came the main dish. We ordered a Thai Seafood pizza.

I was kept busy picking out all the onions in the pizza haha but it tasted decent. Maybe it’s because I doused it with lots of Tobasco sauce and cheese powder.

The stuffed cheese crust was as advertised. The tuna looked burned but it was actually because the tuna was cooked in whatever dark coloured seasoning before being scattered on the pizza.

Duo coloured which I wonder if it’s the real colour of the cheese or food colouring.

But this is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever managed to do that ‘cheese effect’ that Pizza Hut uses in their advertising. When you pry the crust apart, the cheese was actually stringy. Stringy’s not the exact word but I can’t find a similar word =)

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza is quite alright. It was cheesy and satisfying but don’t expect high quality, melt in your mouth, absolutely scrumptious cheese. It was a decent meal.


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