Pappa Rich ~ Serdang Perdana

After getting depressed over our failure to get satisfactory responses from hair product distributors and from a few salons, we decided to ‘yam cha’/have tea to cure our depression.

We decided to try Pappa Rich which was in the area.

Pappa Rich’s website can be found here

I would consider Pappa Rich a new chain of kopitiam(s) in town. Their concept very much follows after Old Town Kopitiam and Hainan Kopitiam.

PappaRich is not like any other kopitiam. We truly beg to differ. The run-of-the-mill kopitiam simply serve coffee and asian delicacies at affordable prices, merely to attract customers. Affordable pricing of the drinks and food served is not going to keep the customers coming back. We, at PappaRich, focus our attention on the QUALITY of our foods and drinks. We are proud of how authentic your favorite foods are. You enjoying your orders at Pappa, while spending quality time with friends and families is the epitome of our goal. We envision each and every of your visit to PappaRich is one that’s better than your driving of 300km to eat at your hometown.

They have quite a variety on their menu. Rice, Noodles, Bread, Western and Vegetarian Dim sum

I like the way they describe each section. It feels like a genuine Malaysian description haha.

There were some items on the menu that I felt were absurdly priced.

RM2.20 per egg tart

RM4.80 for 2 avacado buns

RM4.80 for 3 pieces of celery siew mai

RM5.80 for 3 pieces of steamed bean curd roll

RM4.80 for 3 pieces of sweet corn siew mai

It’s practically priced the same as those at Tai Thong restaurant if not more expensive! Ridiculous! And these were all tiny pieces.

Pauline had a Iced White Coffee and Double Roti Bakar with Kaya and Butter

I didn’t try the white coffee but I tried the roti bakar. I liked their pandan kaya, it was fragrant and wasn’t too sweet. The butter was nice too.

Pauline was the only one who had eaten at Pappa Rich prior to this visit and she suggested against having this:

Hainan Cham

She said it tasted awful when she had it. The Asam Laksa tasted alright though.

Silly Susan had French Fries for RM4.20 and a Iced White Coffee as well.

I had a Soya Milk Cendol with Gula Melaka

It was the first time I had ice blended soya milk and it tasted nice! Soya milk with gula melaka tastes nice actually! I actually wanted a cendol drink but this was better.

There was enough gula melaka and overall, the drink wasn’t too sweet.

I would order this again =D

There was something I didn’t like about the drink but it was tolerable.

The cendol went rigid and hard after being left in the drink for awhile =/ I’m not sure why it ended up like though.

I’ve actually heard of Pappa Rich from a family friend saying that their food are expensive. Eating there is expensive, I agree. The food however is decent in terms of taste but in terms of portion, nope. Service is pretty bad too but then again that may be because there was a large crowd.

Verdict? Don’t think I’ll come back.


2 thoughts on “Pappa Rich ~ Serdang Perdana

  1. wayne says:

    i’ve been here also, thought it was good =) nice restaurant, a bit pricey though but i guess all food prices in KL is the same. it’s definitely BETTER than OLD town =S

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