Shimino Japanese Crepes ~ One Utama

Teri, Ezel and I were at One-Utama to run errands for Comic Fiesta so we had lunch at New York Deli and we were deciding on dessert. Coincidentally, a Shimino Japanese Crepe leaflet landed in one of our hands and we decided to give it a try.

Shimino’s website can be found here while reviews can be found at and complete with pretty photos! They tried it at Pavillion KL and Ikano Power Centre while ours were made at One-Utama.

This is a backdated post, by the way. We ate this in 2010 haha.

Shimino’s crepes claim to be similar to those found in the Harajuku area in Japan. Every branch comes with a wide screen tv playing a recording of the crepes being made and eaten in Japan and it seems really similar in terms of how it looks like and how it’s made. However, I’m not sure if the ingredients used are similar.

Teri’s strawberry crepe

The crepes are made to order and there are easily 20 types to choose from. There are fruit-based crepes such as strawberries, kiwis, bananas and mangoes. Adding on ice-cream is an additional RM1. We had this at a promotional price which was about RM7.80 if I recall correctly.

My half eaten green tea and red bean crepe

The crepe was rather soft and soggy. The cream tasted alright though I would have liked a stronger hint of green tea. I got a mouthful of cream more than anything else.

Ezel’s chocolate cheesecake and banana crepe

The tearing mechanism around the paper holder was rather interesting. It allowed you to tear the paper neatly. The plastic spoon that comes along with the crepe is useless unless you’re having cake or ice-cream. In my case, it was useless.

Teri commented that the crepe is too soft and the ice-cream could use some work while Ezel said that it was just ‘okay okay aje’, totally forgettable and is neither super nice nor horrible. Teri did mention that she’s rather picky when it comes to crepes while I only like crepe cakes so this is a first.

My conclusion? No big deal. It was nice to try but I won’t be back for seconds.


7 thoughts on “Shimino Japanese Crepes ~ One Utama

  1. Kiraneko says:

    I actually like some of their flavors, but then again my standard for food isn’t very high XD

    The crepes in Japan are mostly soft btw, and I prefer the soft type compared to the HotnRoll crunchy type. As for being similar to Harajuku, I’d say they’re on the right track but need more options/slightly better ingredients. (i miss that curry chicken crepe @ Harajuku ><)

    • Haha, a good comment for once =3 I just find it not worth my money =/ A bit pricey, don’t you think? Ah I see, mine was too soft that I was worried it’d spill over >< Curry chicken? @@ That sounds interesting!

  2. Kiraneko says:

    Price wise if you convert to yen, it’s very cheap. It’s like 300-500 yen over there (RM15-RM20) so as long as they are accurately representing the Japan style crepes, the price I’m ok with it. (though of course for Msian market I suggest they at least drop down 2 ringgit XD )

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