10 Smart Cures for Your Sweet Tooth by Yahoo! Shine

When I saw the title of this article, I wanted to scream “THERE IS NO CURE FOR A SWEET TOOTH EVER!!!!!”. After my initial outrage, I clicked on the link and realized that it was actually healthy recipes for sweet tooths. Woops. *looks sheepish*

I do get midnight cravings occasionally because I spend my nights lurking and stalking other food blogs. Bad idea, I know, but it’s the only time where I’m undisturbed and at peace with my food 😛

Photo belongs to Yahoo! Shine. It’s not mine, not mine, not mine!

10 Smart Cures for Your Sweet Tooth
By Emily Fleischaker, Bon Appetit

It’s an unbreakable pattern: Every night 10pm swings around and I crave something sweet. I’m trying to reverse the tolls of holiday indulgence, like everyone else it seems, so I removed all temptations from my pantry. But since the latke- and cookie-filled days of December, I’m tortured by cravings. And when I do succumb, a few cupcakes here and there go down much too easily.

So I’m giving up. I have a new plan. I embrace my sweet tooth, but I feed it mindfully and in small doses. Keeping a few relatively healthful treats around seems to help. (At least I’ve stopped maniacally searching for any leftover Hanukkah gelt around the house … because that just made me feel crazy.)

The full article can be found here.

I would love to try some of those recipes. Especially the No-Cholesterol Brownies. At least they’re guilt free! =)


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