Bobalicious Smoothies ~ Tropicana City Mall

I found out about Bobalicious through Patricia, my online mama. The owner is a friend of hers. Bobalicious serves delicious smoothies that are made all natural – no preservatives, no artificial this that. All real fruit, chocolate and cookies.

Their facebook page can be found here and their main website can be found here.

I’ve tried a number of their smoothies before – somehow I can’t seem to remember what I’ve tried at the moment but they were all good and come highly recommended 😀 They have 3 parts on their menu – smoothies, juices and food. I’m guessing the word ‘boba’ came from the blackish bubble-like pearls that you find in those HK milk teas which they serve in their smoothies.

Jaslyn, Ezel and I were there for lunch before watching Little Fockers. We each had a lunch set which was a Passion Orange smoothie and a choice of either one of 3 types of pasta.

This is the Passion Orange smoothie. I love anything that has passion fruit in it so I quite liked it. Jas found it rather sour. However, I think Bobalicious’ chocolate/milk-base smoothies taste nicer than their fruit-base smoothies.

Jaslyn picked Chicken Bolognese. It was a chunky-improvised from the can-sauce. Which I would applaud for effort. They added in minced chicken and lots of mixed herb so it turned out nice unlike sauces that come straight from the can.

Ezel and I had Chicken Ham Carbonara. Surprise surprise, I’m not sure if this came outta the Prego Carbonara Mushroom can but it was very mushroom-y with plenty of chopped mushrooms. And the mushrooms didn’t taste like out-of-the-can button mushrooms that I’m used to. It tasted like fresh button mushrooms because the mushroom taste was extra strong. Jas doesn’t like mushroom so she wasn’t even willing to try mine haha.

Lunch sets cost RM12.90 which I found decent for the pasta portion that we were served. I would however like to try something else next time. And definitely a milk-based smoothie.

If only Tropicana was more accessible aih ;w;


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