Reunion dinner ~ Imbi Palace Restaurent

From clockwise: Kikkoman & Wasabi, Soya Sauce and Chinese Tea

Happy Chinese New Year from Deliciouslogy!

How are your holidays so far? The first day of CNY has just passed and I wanted to post up something here because there hasn’t been a new post for at least a week sigh.

I now have a sore throat from all the junk food I ate at my grandmother’s place today x.x Had too much ‘kuaci’ and just enough wine and mandarin oranges to trigger my throat. Darn. *eats more strepsils* Hope everything will be fine and dandy before my next ‘makan’ session =/

Imbi Palace doesn’t have a main website but there are many reviews up about their dim sum. mylove.myfood, and A Whiff of Lemongrass are a few out of the many.

We had 9 people present but we had to eat for 10 people. I don’t know how much this set dinner is but judging by what we had, it was definitely close to RM1k. Ouch.

This is why…

Fresh abalone

This dish was mostly wasted because there was no one to brief us of the proper way of eating it. Some of us ate it raw and it tasted like fishy tires while those who dipped it in the boiling soup (that came along with it) for too short a time had the same fishy tires.

Only when a more experienced/ranking employee came in to ask how were things, only did we know the right way of eating it. But by that time, we were down to the last 2-3 pieces.


Wasted ;_;

So the right way is to actually cook it in the broth for about a minute then the flesh will soften and you won’t feel like you’re eating fishy tires.

Next was Yee Sang.

Wait, you say. Why was the Yee Sang 2nd and not the first? This had to do with Imbi Palace’s management. Because it was close to full house and because they have 2 rounds of dinners to serve – 5.30pm and 8.30pm, everything was unorganized right down to which dish came out first.

Aih. Never mind, moving on.

I liked their Yee Sang. They had crispy fish skin which tasted like fish crackers tossed in besides the staple seafood – raw salmon and jellyfish. It wasn’t fishy at all. Plus point ♥

Coming in 3rd – Sharksfin’ soup.

*rolls in guilt*

I honestly do not understand the big deal about having sharks fin soup. Sharks fin is tasteless ._. And I feel guilty every time I eat it. But like my friend once said – “if you don’t eat it, someone else will”. But I’m pretty sure that’s not a good enough reason orz.

Baby sharks fins come from baby sharks. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH >_<;;;

A Seafood dish – abalone, sea cucumber, dried oysters, black moss and some choi sum came next.

It was just so-so. The ingredients made the dish special. As for how it was cooked, it was normal braising. Not particularly tasty or un-tasty.

And next, we have Roasted Suckling Pig

This was good. The strips of pork skin were crisp and it didn’t have a strong pork-y smell to it. There was nothing left other than the pig head within 10 minutes hehe!

And another seafood dish – Prawns and sea asparagus with snow peas, carrots and cashew nuts

The prawns were big and nice. Sea asparagus is so much nicer than bamboo clams, in my opinion. Not as disgusting looking and not full of funny muck. This dish was alright.

Waxed meat rice

This was another good dish. There was enough waxed meat in it to go around unlike other restaurants who are very stingy with their waxed meat. The rice and the meat were mixed on the spot by the waiter on top of a mini fire. Which kept everything hot and fresh. He did it while we were having the dish before this so the smell of waxed meat rice filled the room and we were all keen to devour the rice afterward haha.

Next in line was a Steamed 7-star Grouper

The fish was steamed to perfection. The meat came off the fish was smooth and came off in flakes.

One thing is that it was 8pm at this point and while we were having our meal, another captain or front desk attendant rushed in to check if we were done with our meal and asked if we can hurry up ._.

It’s not our fault that your kitchen took so long to dish out everything. My relatives even mentioned at the starting of the meal to the captain in charge that we won’t tolerate requests to eating quickly if it’s the kitchen who’s serving slowly.

After many apologies, we had to eat quicker. Darn.

Last in line was a Red Bean soup and Nian Gao with Sesame Balls. The red bean soup was BURNT. BURNT. BURNT. BURNT. BURNT. I love red bean soup and have eaten far too many pots of burnt red bean soup at home. Did I mention that the red bean soup was burnt? =w= But it would have tasted awesome otherwise. I just lifted the bowl to my nose and I could smell the burnt smell even without tasting it.

We didn’t make a fuss because we were already being ushered to eat faster and leave. Damn you, Imbi Palace. I forgot to take a photo of the red bean soup cause it’s not worth taking photo of.

The Nian Gao however, was fantastic! It was soft and chewy but it doesn’t stick to your teeth of your palette. Fantastic isn’t it? 😀 The sesame balls were nice, not to oily and it was filled with ‘lin yong’ – lotus paste.

There were many hits and misses with this one. Considering the time constraint and the budget of the food, the food wasn’t sub-par because of the ingredients. Service was good at first because one waiter is assigned to a room but towards the time of the mad rush to get us to leave, plates were left unchanged. The dishes also took about 15-20 minutes to arrive after we sat down. If you’re really in such a rush to make a hefty profit from a double round of dinners, at least make sure that your customers are happy.

Thank you uncle and family for dinner. It was a good one despite all that ♥


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