Uhuhu cheesecakes ~ The Loaf

My first encounter with The Loaf was actually on a trip with friends to Langkawi. By accident, we ended up by the pier where all the extremely pretty (and expensive looking) yachts were parked. At that time, we knew The Loaf as Dr Mahathir’s bakery. Honestly, that’s the first impression I had.

The Loaf’s main site can be found here.

Other reviews can be found at taufulou.com and Joey’s Cafe.

Today’s Uhuhu cheesecakes were a gift from my dad’s colleagues. Or rather one of the ‘kids’ from his team as he fondly calls them. Boo-hoo, we’re not his kids anymore ;w;


Uhuhu cheesecakes are adorable cupcake-sized cheesecakes.

The cheesecakes had a very nice texture. Very cheesy and satisfying for a cheese cake lover like my dad.

There were 6 flavors in our box. From top left: Strawberry, Blueberry and Peach. From top right: Mixed berries, Plain cheese and Banana.

I don’t know the given names for these flavors. This is based on what we tasted.

It was literally a mini cheesecake with a thin layer of crust at the bottom. The fruit flavored ones had fruit jam topping while the banana one had a slice of banana on top of the crust. It was like a little gem hidden in there haha. Sadly we ate all of them too quickly that I didn’t have time to take a photo!

The topping was not too sweet and the cheesecake tasted perfect. Cheesy with a dash of lemon. However, its priced at RM25 for 6 pieces I think. Rather pricey isn’t it? =(

Uhuhu in this case may be the evil laughter kind because you have something yummy and you don’t want to share or the crying kind for your wallet =P


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