Molten Lava by Lavalicious ~ 1 Utama

I’ve been bugging and bugging Jaslyn to write a review for me and she’s been delaying and lazy about writing one. Finally she made it up to me by writing a macaron review for me ♥ Thank you darling ♥

Do visit her blog at Everyday is a Caturday!. She does reviews for beauty products so this is her first food review hehe! ♥

In a corner far faaar away (for me) there was a cafe called Molten Lava by Lavalicious. The first thing that caught my eye was the display area that displayed rows of macarons! I remember that Mika would die for macarons so I originally bought some to make her jealous but ended up she forced me to do this review *sobs*

I ended up bringing 5 of these little ones home. I got the durian, green tea, chocolate ganache, salted caramel and vanilla. The macarons were RM3 per pc and if you buy 6 pcs and above, they’ll pack it in a box. Otherwise, into the bag it goes.

Them macarons with the store’s name card. Pardon the melamine plate, apparently my whole house doesn’t even have a glass plate XD;;

I can’t review for the durian because I bought it for my mum. She ate the whole thing in one mouthful and complained it was too sweet ._.;; The vanilla tasted a little artificial for me so I didn’t quite like it, same goes for the green tea. I could barely taste any green tea from it. The salted caramel and chocolate ganache was nice =D. This is my first time eating a macaron and honestly I don’t know what makes a good macaron but I found the green tea, chocolate ganache and vanilla cookie was too crumby.

Upon digging further, I found out that Molten Lava specialized in Churros which is also known as a Spanish doughnut. The original Churros come with chocolate dip but Molten Lava brings in Churros with an assortment of dips and other styles to try. Blogger KrazyGal3 wrote about her experience eating the Churros in Molten Lava. I might be just tempted to go back there for a try 8D.

Molten Lava’s details are as follow:

Molten Lava
Lot LG312B
Lower Ground Floor Oval (Opp. Cold Storage)
1 Utama Shopping Centre New Wing
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7725 1777

Facebook: Molten Lava
Blogspot: molten-lava


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