Macarons ~ Babycakes, Tea Republic and Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie

I’ve done some online research and it turns out there are quite a number of macaron sellers which are accessible to me, therefore Ezel and I went macaron hunting after a meeting on a fine Sunday.

We decided to make 4 stops:

a) Babycakes Sweet Shoppe
b) The Tea Republic
c) Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio
d) Whisk

A word of advice to those who are planning to do food hunts, don’t be as stupid as us to go on a SUNDAY and in the AFTERNOON *sighs*. Because we were stupid, we missed out on 2 stops and almost lost one (more on this in a bit). We were really lucky.

Tasty little darlings~

Our first stop was Babycakes Sweet Shoppe at G Tower. G Tower is situated righttttt next to Lembaga Tabung Haji, that unique-squeezed-cylindrical-shaped white and black building along Jalan Tun Razak. You won’t miss it! Parking is RM3.50 for the first hour (yes, we took note of that for you too! but remember that we were there on a Sunday!) Other reviews can be found at Goody Foodies and EatDrink KL. Their facebook page can be found here.

Even though they were closed, it just so happened that the owners were there and they were nice enough to sell me macarons. Thank you so much Babycakes! ♥

Their shelving display is absolutely adorable, selling only macarons.

They have 8 flavors – Velvet Rope (Red Velvet), Mind My Coconuts (Coconut), Chocolate Daddy (Chocolate), Obsesame (Black Sesame), Morange Blossom (Orange), Green Tea or Me? (Green Tea), Lemon Licks (Lemon) and Caramel Sutra (Caramel) .

If you purchase 6 pieces, the macarons will be packed in a small plastic package. Any more, they’ll be in a classy black boxes with golden writings.

Here are more photos of the yummy Babycakes macarons~ These darlings crumble on impact, are very flavorful and cost RM2.50 each. You can feel the texture of the almond flour after chewing for awhile which means these macarons were made the ‘right’ way. Every flavor is distinct, both macaron shell and filling. This is what you call value for money ♥

Babycakes’ little corner

Babycakes is located on your right as you enter G Tower. For a small corner like that, it’s well furnished and very nicely decorated.

Our next stop was Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio at Dutamas Solaris.

Wanna guess what happened? We went round and round this block, that block, this floor, that floor, this wing, that wing before we finally reached Nathalie’s to find it…. closed.



This is us heading to our next destination, all sad…

But of course…. it’s none of Nathalie’s fault. Remember guys, don’t go food hunting on a Sunday.

Other reviews for Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio can be found at Masak-masak and Lots of Cravings. Their facebook page can be found here.

I’ve actually had Nathalie’s macarons before. It was a birthday gift from Jaslyn. And it IS up to day the best I’ve ever had. Sadly, we couldn’t get hold of it in time for this review =<

So, we ended up going to Tea Republic, situated on the 2nd floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre, opposite of ‘A cut above’ salon. Parking is RM2 for the first 3 hours. Other reviews can be found at EatDrink KL & TimeOut KL. Their facebook page can be found here.

Here’s their display of goodies at their counter

There were 2 types of macarons to choose from:

The standard ones are slightly bigger than 20 cent coins and there were 3 flavors to choose from – Red Velvet, Chocolate and Caramel. They cost RM3 each and RM10 for 4 pieces.

The special edition ones were much bigger than standard ones, costing RM3.80 each and RM12 for 4 pieces. There were 4 flavors – Blackcurrent, Passion Fruit, Jasmine & Chocolate and Strawberry.

One thing to note is that Tea Republic charges a 5% tax for their food and drinks.

Nothing special about their packaging. They do however use recyclable food containers which I found quite impressive. It’s nice to know that some shops are environmental-friendly.

The macarons were good, both the standard ones and the special edition ones. They fell apart nicely and there was the bite of almond flour. The crust and filling had different flavors each. I loved the Jasmine & Chocolate. It was surprising that there was a pleasant Jasmine scent and it went wonderfully with the chocolate filling. However, the big ones got a little soggy after awhile. It left moisture spots on the tissue.

There was also another surprise. Ezel and I had a bite each of the Red Velvet and shockingly… it tasted EXACTLY the same as Babycakes’ macarons! It also had the same filling as Babycakes’ Red Velvet macaron – tiny bit of reddish chocolate filling in the middle and some cream cheese filling around it. We decided to bring it to the car to compare to the Babycakes macarons that we still had left.

It IS exactly the same. Ah darn ._. I salute them for having good networking and distribution of their macarons but no other reviews warned me of this! Therefore, I’m now warning you, dear reader 😀

Due to lack of time, we didn’t go to Whisk after all =( Reviews for Whisk’s macarons can be found at Foodlah & Cumi dan Ciki.

So that sums up our macaron adventure. It was short but we had a lot of fun. Hopefully we’ll get to visit Whisk and Nathalie’s one day soon and then, there will be a proper review.

Lately, a good friend of mine, Ganaesh D wrote a review for KLue about Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie at Taman Danau Desa. Congrats on the review by the way! Its a little gem which has yet to be discovered and KLue was the first to find it. The most important part is that they have macarons there!!!! Ezel stopped by the place and got a box of 11 flavors. They cost RM3.50 a piece and are about the same size as Babycakes’ macarons.

The classy and simple box design was absolutely adorable but the macarons were placed haphazardly inside the box which made it unappealing and unpleasant to the eye (No, I didn’t take a photo of the mess in the box).

The website for you to check for more info.

And more info on the company.

The macarons looks pretty by first glance. Pretty feet and adequate filling for you to be able to see.

Another photo of the macarons. One thing though – because they took no additional care in arranging the macarons in the box, some of them cracked and were flattened. That was disappointing =/

This Strawberry flavored one was rather interesting – cream + strawberry jam as the filling. It reminded me a lot of the Red Velvet macarons we had earlier. However, Ficelle’s macarons lacked in texture and taste. The macaron did crumble but it was more of a ‘dry crumble’ without a single drop of moisture kind of crumble. Also, the macaron shells were tasteless for some – the typical trick of macaron shells without flavor but with color. Some macaron shells tasted good though. Filling however was pretty good for all.

Bear in mind that these cost RM3.50 each. At that price, I’d rather go for Nathalie’s macarons which cost about RM4.20 each. The extra 70 cents is worth it.

Because this post is meant to mention/list macaron places in town so here’s a quick recap:
1) Molten Lava at Lavalicious, One Utama and a revisited post here.
2) Levain Boulangerie Patisserie
3) Godiva, Pavillion KL
4) Babycakes, G Tower (mentioned in this post)
5) Tea Republic, Bangsar Shopping Center (mentioned in this post)
6) Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie, Taman Danau Desa (mentioned in this post)

And those up to par are Molten Lava’s, Babycakes’, Tea Republic’s and of course, Nathalie’s. The rest lack something somehow or rather.

Do watch out for the next post! There’ll be a giveaway then there’s something to celebrate about for everyone 😀


19 thoughts on “Macarons ~ Babycakes, Tea Republic and Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie

  1. DMJewelle says:

    BSC’s RM2 for 3 hours only applies on weekends and weekday mornings. Go there in the evening and you’ll be paying RM2/hour, be warned.

    • The best is still Nathalie’s honestly =) They have the tastiest macarons around. But if you wanna taste macarons for the first time and not spend too much, Babycakes’ would be your best bet =)

  2. ann says:

    hi..someone who works at d Royal S’ngor Pewter told me recently Babycakes’ macaron supplier once approached RSP to see if they interested to carry d macarons at RSP outlets or something but RSP i think this supplier does supply to a fw places lah…it wld b wonderful if we can find out d identity of d supplier….:-)

  3. A lovely review on macaroon hunting in kl:) I enjoyed reading it very much:) despite walking pass Nathalie’s gourmet many many times,today was the first time I bought 5 macaroons:)

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