Chakri Palace ~ KLCC

Here’s a short review from my dinner with the boyfriend  at KLCC a few hours ago.

Sorry about the sucky photos, lighting was bad and my views about the food was reflected in my photos.

We were thinking of trying something different instead of eating at the food court like we usually do. I honestly love the variety that KLCC’s food court provides. Of course I haven’t tried everything there so I don’t know what’s good but the variety seems pretty good.

We ended up in the ‘makan area’ on the same floor as Petrosains and Kinokuniya surveying for food. On the same floor are restaurants like Spice of India, Madam Kwan & Miss Kwan, Yuzu and Bumbu Desa.

We had been to Madam Kwan and Yuzu very recently and the food at the other restaurants didn’t appeal to us so we decided on Thai.

Big mistake, considering we were in KLCC.

The food was exorbitantly priced. We had green curry chicken, stir-fried broccoli and mushrooms and steamed rice. I had a glass of lime juice.

The green curry came with cubed brinjal, chicken slices and pea-sized eggplants. I’m used to strong-tasting, creamy, sweet green curry so I was in for a shock because this was anything but that. Not to mention, the kitchen seemed to have run out of salt that night – the curry tasted quite bland.

The mushroom broccoli stir-fry looked very nicely presented in the menu with the mushrooms nicely arranged in the center and the florets of broccoli arranged around it. I was conned by marketing. This dish was rather bland too but tastier than the green curry.

I was also quite irked (though I didn’t show it) when I saw that the broccoli was not cleaned properly. There were smudges of brown on the inside of the florets. But being a Malaysian who does not claim consumer rights, I ate it anyway and didn’t complain to the kitchen. So I’m complaining here instead.

I opted for a glass of lime juice hoping that it would wash down the food better and I wouldn’t feel bloated after eating. I was disappointed when the drink came out tasting like it came from the plastic boxed lime juice easily bought from a supermarket. And it cost RM9.60.

My temptation to order dessert was squashed when I saw the price of my favorite ‘Red Ruby’. I ended up dropping by the food court and getting it for RM4.20 instead 😀 Saved RM10.80~ and it was just as satisfying.

There was one good point to note though – service was excellent. Waiters were attentive and the food arrived within 10 minutes of ordering. Faster than fast food. Sadly, the food is ‘meh’ and exorbitant.

The view of the sunset beyond the carpark at our window was an amusing sight (not so much amazing).

One more odd thing to note – they have odd-sized cutlery. Their spoons are so big that I find it odd to put the whole spoon into my mouth. I purposely placed the 50 cent coin as a comparison to the cutlery. Huge, odd-sized cutlery ._.

In total, the bill came up to RM66. For 2 dishes, 2 plain rice, 1 drink and 1 iced water. Rice was RM2.80 per portion and they scooped it straight from the rice bowl instead of giving you a fixed amount. Good way so that customers don’t waste food but bad in terms of value for money.

This would be a first and last.


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