Crumbs Macarons ~ revisited

Like mentioned in the last post, here’s a revisited post of Crumbs Macarons

First, you shall be tempted by the little turtle’s… butt hehe.

Aleena invited us for another round of macarons months later after our first visit and her macaron flavors have increased to 13 flavors!

Not all 13 flavors are here but the newer ones are. With her awesome piping skills, macarons unlike the conventional round shapes are being produced. Among them are the turtle-roons, heart-shaped macarons and Mickey-roons.

The turtle-roons are peeping outta the box. So cute ♥

One thing about piping these things are that it’s difficult to get a consistent size and the size of the macaron may be different before and after baking.

Her newest flavor is rhubarb (the green and pink macaron). I have honestly never tasted rhubarb before so I don’t know how its supposed to taste like. The macaron was tangy with a tinge of cinnamon and had an apple pie filling in the center with buttercream filling on the outer side. A very unique tasting macaron that’s definitely worth trying.

Here’s a half-bitten mango flavored macaron. It’s very fragrant and made with Alphonso mango jam. This was my favorite! ♥

As you can see, the filling is a mixture of buttercream on the outside and some mango jam on the inside so there’s a nice balance and it’s not as sweet.

This one is the new hazelnut flavor and its sinfully good! The shell has hazelnut nibs and the filling is a dark chocolate and milk chocolate ganache mixture on the outer ring and hazelnut praline in the middle. Sinful sinful sinful! It was like eating nutella!

The next flavor is orange but because I don’t have a photo of it, here’s a photo taken from Crumbs facebook page. It has a fresh taste to it and there’s orange rind in the shell. Similarly to the lemon flavored macaron, you can eat lots of it and never get jelat.

There has been an improvement with this particular flavor. What you’re looking at is a half-bitten strawberry macaron. I’m not a big fan of strawberry flavored stuff cause they tend to be quite artificial but this one is quite the opposite. This one has a double filling again, buttercream plus strawberry jam.

The last one on the list is cempedak. I don’t have a photo of the macaron cause it tasted so good, Ezel and I both gobbled it without a second thought then only exclaiming in shock when we realized there were none left to photograph. Yay us hahaha… So, have a photo from Crumbs facebook page again.

This macaron was amazing. Firstly it has a duo toned shell so its really different from the rest of the single colored shell macarons. Secondly, the filling is so creamy and good! Remember the scene from Ratatouille where the food critic has a bite of the ratatouille and gets transported back to his childhood eating ratatouille as a child? For me, it was being transported to my childhood eating cempedak ais krim potong hahaha…

Our (Ezel and mine) recent order of macarons were mostly fruit flavors for mine and lots and lots of cempedak for Ezel. There’s been improvement in the very first time we had Crumbs macarons – they were much sweeter then. Now they’re more flavorful and balanced.

Here’s a lovely half-bitten vanilla macaron. It was so good!

With the introduction of fruit flavors, there’s more variety and you get a mixture of the classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate and also more unique flavors like mango and cempedak.

We’ll be back for more indefinitely!


One thought on “Crumbs Macarons ~ revisited

  1. Crumbs says:

    Crumbs’s macarons is now available in many more locations.

    For dine-in/take-away: The Bee @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas (from today) AND The Bee @ Jaya One, Jalan Universiti (from tomorrow afternoon)

    For baked-to-order pick-up: Mutiara Damansara OR G-Tower, Jalan Tun Razak / Ampang Park LRT, Jalan Ampang

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