Nom nom Nihon : Food Tokyo! Day 1-2 ~ Akihabara

It has been about 3 months since I came back from Japan. It’s also been months since I updated Deliciouslogy. So to make up for it, here’s a food travelogue of 8 days while we were there.

Here’s a brief summary before we start:

Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo at 11.30 pm. Midnight snacks from the hotel vending machine.
Day 2: 7-11 breakfast, KAG250, Curry rice at Akihabara
Day 3: 7-11 breakfast, Taiyaki at Asakusa, Soba at Asakusabashi
Day 4: 7-11 breakfast, Sushi at Sushi Dai, Mcdonalds at Shinjuku, tori-en at Shinjuku, 7-11 dinner
Day 5: Sukiya breakfast, Starbucks at Shibuya, Takoyaki at Shibuya, Ramen at Akihabara
Day 6: Fugu at Asakusa, Takoyaki at Asakusa, Udon at Akihabara
Day 7: 7-11 breakfast, @home Maid cafe, Papa Crepe at Ikebukuro, Okonomiyaki & Monjayaki at Ikebukuro
Day 8: Ebi fry brunch at Akihabara, Starbucks at Shibuya, Tempura at Shibuya

Let’s start with Day 1!

When we touched down in Tokyo, it was 11.30 pm! At that point in time, AirAsia only had one flight per day to Haneda so it was our only choice. After rushing outta the airport and taking the train to the airport hotel, we settled down and got a little hungry. Thank goodness for the vending machines next to our room, (they had snacks, cup noodles, drinks and beer!) we were able to grab something so late.

Boyfie had an interesting cup of noodles. The vegetables were all dried and compact.

And after adding hot water, tada~ That’s quite a lot of vege compacted into a small cube.

In the morning, we traveled to our hotel at Asakusabashi, it’s an area very close to Akihabara, Tokyo’s electronic and Japanese animation district. There was a direct train from Haneda airport to Asakusabashi so we just enjoyed (actually, we jakun-ed) the view all the way there.

So our first meal for the day was from… 7-11.

A pickled plum onigiri, a melon pan and peach tea for less than 500 yen. To convert, 100 Yen = RM4. It’s less actually but for easy calculation assume its 100 Yen = RM4. One thing about eating in Japan, don’t convert too much! You’d end up eating onigiri for every meal cause they cost about RM4 or less each, depending on the filling.

I’m definitely not used to having pickled plum as onigiri filling! It’s sour but fragrant. But a little weird at the same time.

As for the melon pan, I picked it out of curiosity. Too many anime featured this interesting bun that doesn’t TASTE like a melon but was named melon pan because of the texture of top of the bun. It had a sweet crust on top and was soft on the inside. Not all that great honestly lol. But at least I can declare that I’ve eaten it! 😀

Boyfie had a bento box. Also less than 500 Yen. His is definitely more worth the money compared to mine heh.

After a really filling brunch, we wandered around Akihabara for the whole day. There are a lot of interesting shops in Akihabara. They’re mostly electronic shops especially 2nd-hand electronics. There’s also a lot of Japanese anime merchandise stores. A must-go for an anime fan. There are also lots of shops that cannot be named XD;;

We were having dinner with Malaysian friends in Japan so we decided to have a snack before then.

KAG250 is a karage stall.

Chicken karage is 250 Yen. Mini potato hash browns are 150 Yen. Buying them both cost you 350 Yen if I remember correctly. Oh btw, neither of us can read Japanese proficiently but the stall owner understands ‘chicken’ and ‘potato’ so all’s good.

This place is very popular with locals judging by the crowd and also the autographs from famous artists. None of which I recognize though.

Potato desu! There are bottles of sauces in front of the stall for you to compliment your food. The guy at the counter will happily point out what is what.

Chicken karage desu! Both potato and chicken karage were good. They’re all made to order so they’re piping hot. Really good in the cold weather.

For dinner, we went to a kare (curry) shop next to the convenient store along the Akihabara Electric Town station.

Ordering was super easy because all you do is click buttons on a vending machine according to the photo, pop the coins in and out comes a ticket which you pass to the waitress at your table.

There aren’t chopped chilli in soy sauce in Japan so you get chilli oil or chilli flakes as condiments most of the time. Here, they serve pickles too.

Chicken katsu curry rice. Deep fried chicken cutlet with thick curry sauce. One thing I loved was the rice. It was slightly sticky but not as sticky as sticky as glutinous rice. And yet each grain was fluffy, fat and short. Unlike our long grained rice in KL. The curry sauce was very flavorful.

Sayang had the beef curry rice. It had potatoes and carrots unlike my plain curry sauce.

It was a short dinner because the duo had to rush off to catch the train. The last train’s at 11.30 pm but no worries, they’ll appear again in a few posts later.

Till the next post!


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