Food Tokyo! Day 4 ~ Tsukiji, Shinjuku

Wow, we’re already at Day 4! This post is going to be photo heavy and word-less because we’re going to Tsukiji market! The must-go place for sashimi lovers and since I’m not, boyfie was the one who sampled the best sushi in the world while I walked round and round Tsukiji market browsing stuff.

Tsukiji market is more well known as a fish market but essentially it’s a market. Japanese housewives actually come here to get their fresh vegetables and meat but end up fighting through the influx of curious tourists ^^;; Poor housewives.

Like I said, I don’t eat sushi so breakfast was from 7-11 once again!

A coffee swiss roll! Which turned out tasting like a brown sugar roll. Maybe their coffee is as watered down as their tea is. But it was pretty nice soft cake roll.

And I decided to try their yogurt.

This was grape yogurt! Or blueberry, I obviously can’t tell but since these berry fruits are more abundant in Japan, there were more in my yogurt as well. Thankfully their yogurt consistency was the same as ours haha… Yum!

It was quite a long ride to Tsukiji and it was very, very early in the morning. We were awake at about 4 am? We were at the train station at 5.00 am. So early! The reason being that the market opens quite early and the line for the sushi place is really long. You’ll see after this.

Line part 1

Line part 2

At the starting of the line

It was a really long long line! And after waiting, waiting and waiting, of course everyone wants to savour every piece of sushi as slowly as possible.

Oh gosh.

Not to mention, the shop is tiny. I think it has a maximum capacity of 15?

Yes, it’s tiny!

And they only have 1 menu.

It actually says:

Omakase course ‘trust the chef’ Course Yen 3,900
The chef will select the best choices of the day. Additionally, you can choose one extra nigiri item… whatever you want! 10 + 1 pieces of nigiri sushi (i.e: fatty tuna, sea eel, sea urchin, shellfish, seasonal fish, sushi rolls, rolled egg, miso soup)

You will have no choice but to trust the chef with whatever he dishes out to you jeng jeng. But really, Japanese chefs aren’t unscrupulous like some Malaysian ones are *ahem*.

Oh yeah, this lady deserves a special mention. She speaks English well and is the one who takes orders for you who also doubles a camera lady when you need her to.

The next photos are going to be caption-less because I don’t know which fish is which but all I can say is that they’re very generous with their fish and it looks really fresh.

Happy, cheerful sushi chef deserves a caption though!

(Apparently this shellfish was so fresh that it was still moving a lil bit)

(And the miso soup has a surprise in it, more fish!)

All the sushi photos end here but here are a few more photos of the glistening, fresh ingredients.

Also, they do allow you to order ala carte. Here’s the menu.

The weirdest thing on the menu (if you squint hard enough) is the liver of an angler fish and the sperm sac of a cod fish. Ugh. This is an angler fish btw:

Yes, it’s the scary fish that lives in the bottom of the sea. Also the same fish who tried to eat Marlin and Dory from Finding Nemo.


I suppose you can tell from the photos that the long 3 hour wait was worth it. 3 hours is really, really long though. And it actually drizzled a bit that day!

Since the girlfie didn’t have an awesome breakfast, we went in search of awesome lunch for me. Sayang had too much awesome fish and was stuffed to the brim. From Tsukiji, we travelled to Shinjuku.

Something we will definitely, never have in Malaysia, McPork! I got a set that came with a drink and french fries.

Proof that it’s McPork and that it’s supposed to be tender and juicy.

Remember our Prosperity burger? This is something similar to it, just with a pork patty. There are onions in the black pepper sauce sigh! The patty wasn’t ‘porky’ (yay!) and it was grilled. Quite interesting honestly.

But THIS. THIS is the awesome part. Their french fries!! Oh my gosh…. I have never eaten better fries in the world! For some reason, their fries are actually fragrant! Really fried to perfection! Somehow our fries here tastes rather bland and ‘meh’ except for a few good ones but really this french fries!! It’s edible without any sauce!!

Shinjuku is where the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building is. It’s one of the tallest building in Tokyo. Japan has a height limit for its buildings because of the risk of earthquakes. We dropped by there before wandering around Shinjuku and… accidentally into the Kabukicho area.

Uh oh.

Luckily it was at daylight and we looked like really lost tourists walking past pimps at every door (eep!) so we got outta there safe.

We were actually looking for the Golden Gai area. Not sure if we went through it or not but there were cramped bars in small alleys. We passed by an Izakaya that had an advert saying they served WHALE and HORSE sashimi.

Needless to say, we ended up in tori-en.

With it’s dim lighting and the sight of a beer mug in every patron’s hand, you can feel the Izakaya atmosphere. They eat lots of yakitori here, it accompanies alcohol well.

So yes, back to the story about horse and whale sashimi. Japan is the only country that doesn’t prohibit whale hunting (if I’m not wrong) but it’s not a common food. I cringe at the thought of eating it though.

So I just snacked on this fibrous, God-knows-what that tastes like bamboo shoots with sesame oil while boyfie ordered what he came here for. One thing to note – they charge a fee for occupying a seat even if you’re not eating.

And finally… the left is horse, the right is whale. The white stuff? We initially thought they were squid. Till I put one piece into my mouth and had to force myself to swallow it. I detected it as whale blubber. *lets out an internal scream* It was oily, squishy and chewy. It didn’t taste awful but the thought of eating it killed me.

According to the person who ordered the weird dish, whale sashimi was good, fatty and really chewy. Horse was tough and not as nice.

I just cringed the whole time after eaten that piece of whale blubber.

After spending so much money (the whale and horse sashimi wasn’t cheap and convert the 3900 Yen, 100 Yen = RM4 and you’ll know how much the Sushi Dai meal costs), dinner was 7-11 food lol.

I picked up the only sushi I would eat – Inari and Tamagoyaki. They were so so. Both were sweet so it was overkill. For dessert, I got a cream puff. The cream puff was good! It may be a cheaper version of ‘Beard Papa’ but it was soft and the cream custard was perfect! Boyfie stole one bite and came back for more. That actually proves that it’s good cause he doesn’t like sweets unlike me.

Nyam, what a good way to end the day.


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