Food Tokyo! Day 6 ~ Asakusa, Akihabara

Here we are at Day 6. We were travelling back to Asakusa that day so breakfast was from 7-11 once again.


I picked out a croquette bun and a green tea and red bean pancake. I remember the croquette being dressed with some BBQ like thick soy sauce that made it too salty. The green tea and red bean pancake had some cream in it so all in all this was a too filling breakfast.


The reason why we were back at Asakusa? It’s because of this fella. To turn this fella into food, it requires a lot of skill as this is… a puffer fish. At this point you might be thinking ‘OMG WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS?!’ but it wasn’t me who was dancing with death. It was the boyfie.


And the puffer fish was not cheap. Thin slices of sashimi cost 980 Yen…


And this is dancing with death staring at you in the face.


The meat looked almost transparent with black veiny patterns. Looks a bit scary honestly!

It was also the worst 1 hour of my life. My heart was just beating loud and fast while he finished the sashimi. His verdict? A relatively tasteless fish. Of course he lived to tell the tale.


The pathway leading towards the Asakusa temple are filled with small shops and food stalls. Among them was another takoyaki stall. Unperturbed by my last try of takoyaki, we ordered another round to go. This one came with flapping, moving fish flakes (it’s actually the heat of the takoyaki causing it to fold and roll) but without Japanese mayo still. The slightly salty fish flaked made it taste better. This one was grilled unlike the last one which was grilled then pan fried. Definitely prefer this style.


We also dropped by the Pokemon Center out of curiousity. I got a charm in the shape of my most favorite bird pokemon when I was a kid, Articuno hahahaha… Dropped by 7-11 for a drink and this drink was also bought outta curiosity. How does tea and yogurt taste like together? Weird. The yogurt wasn’t sour enough and the tea was rather mild. Weird combination.


For dinner, hello our favorite Akihabara corner shop. This time I picked an udon dish.


It shows exactly like the food display but the crispy fried flour had already softened. I had a hard time eating all that soggy flour and finally ended up pushing them one side and eating everything else. The egg was goey and nice though!

There goes day 6!


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