Food Tokyo! Day 5 ~ Akasukabashi, Shibuya, Akihabara

Somehow I missed day 5 before I posted day 6 so here’s a post meant to be posted before day 6

We woke up really late on Day 5 so we chose to have a heavy brunch to keep us running till dinner.

Worse still, it rained!!!

So our first meal of the day was in a curry restaurant in Akasukabashi.



At that point, we still relied a lot on posters and signs.


And of course the ever helpful vending machine. So absolutely useful!


All you have to do is leave the ticket at the edge of your table and the waitress will tear one half and leave you with one half.


Mine was a chicken curry rice with miso soup.


Too many condiments, not sure what was what.


So I stuck with my familiar chilli powder.

The curry here is very flavorful even though they use curry blocks because it’s left simmering in a giant pot for the whole day. The rice is absolutely heavenly. The short grain, slightly sticky rice allows the curry to cling on to the rice. It was a satisfying, warm, homey feeling meal on a cold day.


Boyfie had a complete meal of curry rice with a salad, a half boiled egg and miso soup.


As usual, there’s an individual seating area. People there just eat and leave. It seems to be really common.


Single patrons. Very common.

We traveled to Shibuya that day and spent most of our time indoors due to the rain. It was also my first taste of Starbucks in Japan. This outlet is located at the famous Shibuya crossing. It was a really good spot and it was almost always packed!


This Soy Milk and Strawberry frappe was absolute heaven. Perfectly blended soy milk and the strawberry, it’s real real REAL strawberries blended in. Why don’t they have it in Malaysia? 😦


We spent time facebook-ing and walking around the Tower Records which was situated right behind us. It was literally 5 footsteps away. I tried looking for my Kalafina CD here but they didn’t have it.


When the rain subsided, we ventured out walking around Shibuya’s shopping district. The above photo is Shibuya station. It’s like KL Sentral in Malaysia. A good meeting point which explains the 4 direction crossing. To watch the sheer amount of people at that crossing was a trill! As for today, it was the sheer amount of umbrellas crossing.


Gindaco was my very first takoyaki in Japan.


Unlike the grilled ones here, most takoyaki here are deep fried giving it a crispy exterior and soft interior.


Here you go, soy sauce and a packet of shredded radish (not in the picture) as condiments. I was quite shocked because I was used to the thick takoyaki sauce + Japanese mayo + fish flakes combo.


It was good. Different due to the light condiments. I do however like the grilled ones more.

The boyfie however was unimpressed at this globs of flour.


It continued to rain on and off throughout the day so we had to go somewhere nearby for dinner. The area near the hotel were mostly only open during the day so dinner was once again at Akihabara. We were more familiar with the place and more adventurous by now.


We stepped into one of those establishments where only men seem to patronize and was greeted by a single owner and cook. His first reaction was to apologize because he was the only person working and that the food would take awhile.


What you don’t know my good man is that 5 mins by Malaysian standards are blardy fantastic for a single person working. Also because there was only one other patron in the tiny shop. This was a ramen and beef rice set. The ramen was very springy and the soup was clear but oh-so-tasty. The beef topping on my rice went to the boyfie but I tasted a little of the rice. The rice had soaked up some of the sauce and it was very flavorful. The food quality and portion was really worth 500 Yen.


As per our daily ritual, he had a can of beer while I had dessert from 7-Eleven. The green tea ice cream was a bit icy but when it melted, it became oh so smooth and absolutely delicious. I like melted ice cream as long as it’s not on a cone hahaha…


And that ends day 5.


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