D’lite ~ Ampang Park

Just a short post for this.

Was out prowling with my parents one day after work one day and decided to drop by Ampang Park.

The mall was one of the first in KL and is currently in a really sad state. Very run-down.

The last time I was here was to drop by a sports shop in the upper floors with the recommendation of tennis forums. Other than that, I know an embroider upstairs as well who does good quality work as well.

My parents feel a sense of nostalgia walking in here. I would too I suppose. I’ve known this place since I was young.


D’lite is located on the right from the main entrance. The waft of asam laksa will catch your attention as you walk into the building. It was the very reason we were drawn in like bees to honey. (That’s exaggeration but really, the smell really pulled us over).

They are a typical kopitiam (minus the loud barking uncles) with marble tables and chairs. Quite a tight place in fact.

I ordered 3 bowls of asam laksa, they were about Rm7 each.


And boy was it worth it. Based on the photo, you can tell the portions were large and very fulfilling. I can actually see pieces of fish! The soup was flavorful, a good balance of sour and sweet. The noodles smooth and cooked thoroughly.

It’s hard to find good asam laksa nowadays so do drop by the place if you’re an asam laksa lover.

They offer other items like nasi lemak and fried beehoon but however they ran out of nasi lemak by the time we wanted to order. They close quite early too. They were starting to close at about… 8pm I believe?

For the location: Foursquare

For other comments/recommendations: Foodspotting


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