Local Coffee of all Malaysian states at Chawan ~ Bangsar

Chawan is a corner shop in Bangsar that I see all the time but for some reason, have never gone to.

I always thought it was some sort of kitchen tool shop because ‘Buffalo’ is located just above it. It turned out to be a coffee-tiam style shop who serves all the famous local coffee from Ipoh right down to Batu Pahat.

Openrice.com has their menu on their site and it’s quite an impressive list! The coffee comes in 4 styles – hot, cold, milk shake or ice blended. They were out of milk shakes that day so I settled for an iced Ipoh coffee while LC had his usual iced Cap Tupai coffee.


Verdict? Cap Tupai tasted better. The iced Ipoh somehow tasted rather bland. The Cap Tupai was stronger and more fragrant. A quick glance at the foursquare tips showed us no clear winner in the coffee section so it was indeed a matter of preference.

On to their food. I ordered a Lontong with Chicken Rendang, LC had Nasi Lemak Ayam Gorenge Berempah. For some reason, my lontong took so long to arrive. I thought it was just rice cubes and gravy!


The nasi lemak was good. The portions were good though LC ordered an extra portion of sambal. The chicken was succulent and the rice was fragrant. Sambal had enough kick and was not too sweet.


The lontong arrived after a good 20 minutes of waiting which Foursquare warned me about their slow service. Their service was relatively good that day, their staff were attentive.

Honestly? It was the first time I ate lontong so I have nothing to compare to. The gravy was thick and tasty and the dash of sambal made it perfect. The rendang ayam was good, it tasted different from those I’ve tasted elsewhere. Fragrant with chunks of boneless chicken. I believe I’ve developed a liking for lontong that I had it again at the office for breakfast recently hehe…

Reviews can be found at masak-masak, eatonlylar.com, A Whiff of Lemongrass and Babe in the City.


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